Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Under Sink [Causes and Fixes]

Garbage Disposals are great tools for efficiently managing your foods waste. While doing dishes after dinner, I noticed a constant water-dripping sound and a puddle of water oozing out of the sink floor. I inspected it and found that I had encountered Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Under Sink.

To see garbage disposal operating smoothly is one thing, but you must be ready to bear with the many problems that it brings with it. Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Sink can happen because of after-installation common happenings, damage in your garbage disposal, and plumbing issues.

This guide is a compilation of the causes and the fixes of garbage disposal leaking.

Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Under Sink

If you find water dripping under your sink, your Garbage Disposal is highly anticipated to leak. It can leak from the top, sides, and bottom. There is a chance that the disposal is working accurately, and the issue lies in the plumbing.

Put the stopper and hold a considerable amount of water in the sink; after some time, remove the stopper and then check from where the water is leaking if it is leaking from the drainpipes, then it is time to call a plumber and if it is leaking from the disposal, fix it.

Before moving to replace the disposal, you must deeply scrutinize the causes and make possible efforts to fix the problem.

Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking Under the Sink?

The following are the common causes of the disposal leaking under the sink. These causes will help you to inspect the location of the leakage.

Here are 6 main causes of garbage disposal leaks.

Loose Sink Flange

The sink flange leads to the garbage disposal water leaking from the top. It connects to the mounting ring of the disposal and is responsible for holding the garbage disposal to your sink drain. Because of the worn-out plumber’s putty, it gets loose.

Leak at Dishwasher Hose

Commonly, garbage disposal drains are connected to the existing drainpipes beneath the kitchen sink. Garbage disposals use a flexible hose to connect to the garbage disposals drain and then to the dishwasher hose line. Any unfit connection in this area can lead to leakage.

Leakage from the Reset Button

Garbage disposal is designed with a reset button to stop the disposal when it runs unexpectedly. If the debris accumulates in this button, it indicates water leakage from this area.

A Broken Seal

A faulty or torn-out rubber gasket may lead to a broken seal inside the disposal unit. The problem leads to water leakage from the bottom of the garbage disposal.

Physical Damage to the Disposal

A foreign object hitting hard to the disposal unit may cause physical damage resulting in cracks in the disposal unit. When you encounter this situation, you must repair it firsthand before the problem worsens.

Garbage Accumulation

Overusing the disposal can overload or clog up the disposal with unnecessary food items. You will end up jamming the garbage disposal, and the water will leak.

Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Under Sink How to Fix

Garbage Disposal can encounter water spraying problems, which is not a situation to worry about. The exact fix lies in locating the exact position of the leakage and then repairing it like a pro.

Garbage Disposal Spraying Water Under Sink How to Fix

Refresh the plumber’s putty.

Sink Flange attaches the garbage disposal to the sink drain. It makes use of the plumber’s putty to get in place. Refresh the plumber’s putty by reinstalling the sink flange to stop water leakage.

Tighten the Mounting Bolts

Mounting bolts are of multiple uses. It lifts the sink flange, which attaches the garbage disposal unit to the sink. Keeping the mounting bolt tights will prevent water leakage.

Check the connections and bolts frequently.

Make it your practice to keep an eye on your disposal unit and inspect its connections and bolts to avoid interruption in the smooth running of the garbage disposal.

Clean your disposal regularly.

Garbage disposal keeps your food waste managed. In return, you must clean it regularly or weekly. A cleaned garbage disposal will solve water leakage and other problems too.

Do not Dump Unwanted items in the disposal.

Before installing or working with the garbage disposal, always ensure not to throw garbage disposal-restricted items in the disposal. It can be food waste like bread, eggshells, or others.

Garbage Disposal Leaking from Top

If you notice leaking from the top, your garbage disposal is not the culprit. The problem is the loose sink flange from the worn-out plumbers’ putty. You don’t have to replace the entire unit to troubleshoot this problem.

The main fix is to reseal the plumber’s putty and tighten the mounting bolts to tackle the garbage disposal leaking from the top. You can refresh the plumber’s putty or hire a professional plumber.

  1. Dislodge the disposal unit from the sink.
  2. Remove the torn-out plumber’s putty.
  3. Wrap the putty around the flange and fix it on the sink.
  4. Re-install the disposal unit and keep up with your regular work
Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Top

Garbage Disposal Leaking From Sides

Have you checked your disposal’s drain lines? Loose drain lines are the prominent factor of garbage disposal leaking from the sides. A metal clamp holds the two drain lines of the disposal unit. Tighten the metal clamp or replace the rubber gasket to fix it.

  1. Cut down the power supply of the garbage disposal.
  2. Check the position of the water leakage in drain lines.
  3. Tighten the metal clamp’s screws with a screwdriver.
  4. Remove the damaged rubber gasket and replace it with the new one.
Garbage Disposal Leaking From the Sides

Can you Fix a Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom?

Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom can put you in a pool of difficulty. This situation arises when internal seals are broken or the disposal unit is damaged. Treating it will give you temporary results, and you will face this situation repeatedly. The answer to What Do You Do When your Garbage Disposal Leaks from the Bottom lies in replacing the unit with a new one. Call the professional or try your plumbing skills.

Have you ended up finding Garbage Disposal Leaking from Bottom Reset Button? As per my experience, you must replace the disposal unit. You can try fixing it by cleaning the accumulated debris and garbage, but in my experience, you should opt for replacing it.

Can you Fix a Garbage Disposal Leaking from the Bottom

Garbage Disposal Leaks Only When Running

If you notice, the disposal leaks only when running; the cause is the dysfunctional disposal, not the plumbing pipes. It happens from the top, sides, and bottom. Your ultimate solution is to inspect the cause before moving to fix it.

Where Do Garbage Disposals Usually Leak?

Garbage disposal manages food waste in a healthy and manageable way. But it can lead you to encounter water leakage problems. While working with the disposal, if you notice water droplets pooling out, your disposal will likely leak. Water leakage from the disposals usually stems from the following:-

  • Dishwasher connection
  • Sink flange
  • Drain line
  • Reset button

How Long Do Disposals Last?

Garbage disposal is revolutionizing the mechanism of managing food waste. Big brands have designed disposal units that can last about ten years. With a proper maintenance routine, you can extend this shelf life to several more years.

Wrapping Up