How to Get Glass Out of a Garbage Disposal {Easy To Follow 7-Step Guide}

Once, I ended up breaking glass into pieces while I was doing dishes. I was overcoming the terrible grief of breaking glass, but another dilemma that awaited me was the glass pieces getting into my disposal unit. I tried to figure out How to Get Glass Out of a Garbage Disposal.

Glass breakage in the kitchen is a common thing that we all are accustomed to, but these glass pieces can turn upside down the working of your disposal leading you to face a damaged unit. You must fix the problem as soon as possible.

This guide is a step guide to removing glass pieces from the disposal unit.

7 Steps on How to Get Glass Out of a Garbage Disposal

Working with garbage disposal calls for being extra conscious. The nightmare of a Disposal Jammed or getting damaged can turn into reality if you notice glass pieces inside it as it makes way for other big problems creating a mess for yourself and your disposal unit.

Follow the simple steps to learn How to Get Glass Out of Disposal Reddit: –

Tools Required

Tools Required to Get Glass Out of a Disposal

1. Cut the Power Supply

To begin with, resolving any issue related to garbage disposal, always initiate by cutting the power supply of the disposal unit and the breaker at the service panel. Make it your practice as it is your first-hand safety measure.

Cut the Power Supply of a Disposal

2. Remove the Large Pieces with Pliers

To retrieve the large pieces of glass, use the pliers that come with the disposal system instead of putting your hand down the disposal. Most shards will reside toward the top of the drain’s opening. You must take help from the needle nose pliers to pull out large chunks of glass visible to you.

Tip: You can cast a flashlight down the disposal opening to ensure no remaining glass pieces shine through.

Remove the Large Pieces of glass with Pliers from garbage disposal Garbage Disposal

3. Dislodge the Glass Pieces using Allen Wrench.

An Allen wrench port is situated at the bottom of the disposal unit. Allen Wrench will be of great help to you in dislodging glass pieces from the disposal unit. Insert the wrench into the port, and move it back and forth until you find resistance. Stuck-up glass pieces have caused the resistance. Keep moving the Allen wrench back and forth to clear up the debris and glass pieces.

Dislodge the Glass Pieces using Allen Wrench.

4. Move the Blades

Blades can get torn up if loaded with glass pieces. It’s crucial to move and adjust their position to fix your problem. You can use a disposal wrench or Hex Key Disposal to turn the blades clockwise and anticlockwise to dislodge glass pieces.

5. Remove the Short Glass Pieces with a Vacuum

After successfully taking the large glass pieces out of the disposal unit, you must think about the Small Pieces of Glass in the Disposal. In this step, you can rely on a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to squeeze the glass pieces.

Insert the vacuum’s hose into the disposal’s drain opening, start the machine, and let it run until you notice no sound of pulling things coming out. This step will clear out all the finer pieces of glass inside your disposal.

Note: You must repeat this step to ensure your disposal unit is free of glass pieces.

How to Get Glass Out of a Disposal Using Vacuum

6. Test the Disposal

Before working with disposal, test the disposal unit first to prevent further trouble. For this purpose, restore the power supply, and turn on the disposal, if you hear no unusual sound, you are good to go.

7. Back to Working Mode

Once you have done working with all the steps to sucking glass pieces out of the disposal, you must get it back to working mode. Run the cold water, clean it, and start with freshly cleaned and freed from glass pieces disposal.

Precautionary Measures

In working on How to Get Broken Glass Out of Sink or How to Remove Object Stuck in Disposal, you must abide by a few precautionary measures to get the process done finely.

Always Switch Off the Power

Make it your habit to switch off the power supply whenever you are working on the garbage disposal. It will prevent unexpected situations.

Never Put Your Hands Down on the Disposal

For what purposes the wrenches, tools, and pliers are made? You must avoid putting your hands inside the disposal unit and keep up with working with different tools and pliers. These are glass pieces if they can damage the disposal unit they can be injurious to your hands.

Don’t face hover over the disposal while working on it

You never know while troubleshooting How to Fix Disposal Shot Glass, you ended with an injury. Some glass pieces can shoot up from the disposal drain or opening; you must be vigilant.

Can you Fix a Garbage Disposal with Broken Glass?

Garbage disposal calls for careful operation, but if you have landed up with broken glass in a disposal, you can fix this. The process seems frightening firsthand, but by following the simple step guide, you can do the job without hassle.

Can you Vacuum up the Glass?

If for any reason, you have left with no other option than to vacuum glass; you must take precautionary measures and then continue with your work. Start with using a brush attachment to loosen or dislodge the larger pieces of glass. Then, put the vacuum on the lowest set point and gradually move it over the affected surface until all the glass is sucked up.

Summing Up