How to Install Garbage Disposal? Complete Step Guide

Disposing waste in a defined way is a step toward an eco-friendly environment. Your kitchen must-haves include a garbage disposal. It keeps your sink pipes unclogged as it handles a ton of waste. You must know How To Install a Garbage Disposal?

You have to go through a step-by-step procedure to install a disposal. It needs some of your precious time and professional skills with the right tools to complete the procedure. Once installed, you will be sorted. It is a new addition to your kitchen to dispose of food waste.

If you are remodeling your house and installing a garbage disposal for the first time, read this post thoroughly. This guide is a detailed explanation of the steps to installing a garbage disposal.

How to Install Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are grabbing the attention of household needs. It keeps the sink pipes clean and fresh by not stacking up stinky food waste. Moreover, it ensures that food waste is not contaminating waterfalls. You can choose Insinkerator garbage disposal for your kitchen as they are trending in the market these days.

Things to remember when installing a garbage disposal for the first time.

  • You should know what type of disposal you need to install and as there are two primary types of disposal. Batch-feed garbage disposal and continuous-feed garbage disposal.
  • A garbage disposal is an electric appliance; you must have a current supply and a switch nearby your sink. You can take help from a licensed electrician for the facility. 
  • You will need tools and materials for the installation. These tools are: –
7 tools and materials for garbage disposal installation

Read Manuals Guide

If installing a garbage disposal for the first time, you must go through the manuals guide. You must ensure you don’t miss any step and complete your task effectively. The manual guide has instructions written for your ease, including the information for your garbage disposal model and the tools you need throughout the way.

You can also take help from Lowe’s Garbage Disposal Installation guide on YouTube to help you understand the procedure well.

Preparing the Things for the Installation

The primary step is preparing the things for installation. You must clean the sink, sleeve, flange, and sink opening in this step. Place a bucket under the P-trap and disconnect the drainpipes. Keep the tools aligned sequence-wise; you will need them afterward to avoid any mistakes.

Install Drain Fitting and Mounting Ring

In this step, you must install the drain fitting and mounting ring that holds the disposal in place. This fitting is specifically for installing a garbage disposal. Start your process by closing the sink opening by putting 1/2 inch of the plumber’s putty underneath the flange. Insert the flange into the drain hole and put pressure over it by putting a garbage disposal over it, so it doesn’t move.

Attach a mounting assembly underneath the sink. Place the fiber gasket (circular ring), a backup flange (flower-shaped ring), and a mounting ring (ring with three screws in it, a triangular-shaped tool) onto the sink flange.

Hold the assembly in its place by tightening the screws on the mounting ring using a screwdriver. Don’t over-tighten the mounting assembly. This step may squeeze out some of the Plumber’s putty, clean it using a rag and move to the next step.

Install drain fitting and mounting ring
Install drain fitting and mounting ring

Wire the Disposal

After setting down the mounting assembly, focus on the garbage disposal. Look for the attached appliance cord on the disposal. Attach the disposal’s power cord. Set aside the disposal, remove the cover plate from beneath the disposal, and watch out for the wires. 

Connect the wires to their respective colored cords. For this step, you can take help from the manuals guide if the colors differ for your disposal’s model.

Wire the Disposal
Wire the Disposal

Using Dishwasher Connection

If you are using a dishwasher along with our garbage disposal installation, you must know How to Install a garbage disposal with the dishwasher? The process is uncomplicated, as you must remove the dishwasher plug from the disposal. Tap the plug from inside the garbage disposal chamber using a screwdriver.

Using Dishwasher Connection
Using Dishwasher Connection

Mount the Garbage Disposal

Place the disposal in your hand and carefully align the disposal’s upper surface with the sink’s mounting assembly. Rotate the disposal clockwise until the three tabs of the mounting assembly get locked in the ridges of the upper chamber of the disposal.

Tighten and lock the installation with screws and wrenches. You may hear a click sound when the garbage disposal is finally locked in its place. Ensure the discharge outlet of the disposal is in line with the sink’s drainpipes. Connect the gap between the discharge outlet and the drainpipe by installing the drainpipe of the proper length.

Mount the Garbage Disposal
Mount the Garbage Disposal

Test Check

Before going into operating the newly-installed system unit, a test check is a must. Run the water in the sink and dispose of food particles to check the garbage disposal’s proper functioning and water leakage. If you notice leakage, tighten the pipes once more using the clamps and screwdrivers. After inspection, connect the power plug and use your garbage disposal.

Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal installation is uncomplicated; you can do it without a plumber. It requires professional skills with the right tools, and you will complete your tasks in an hour. Moreover, for ease, you can take help from the user’s guide that comes with the system unit.

What is the Garbage Disposal Cost?

Companies have designed garbage disposals for household and commercial uses. For this purpose, they vary in size and price rates. From $75 to $1000, you can get the most diminutive and least powerful garbage disposal and heavy-duty commercial ones. If you are searching for garbage disposal for your home, you can get it for $150–$250.

Summing Up

Garbage Disposal is the best thing you can do for your kitchen to handle worst foods waste. It needs installation beneath the sink in the kitchen. When you search for How To Install Disposal, you will know that it is not a tricky process, and you can install it in a few steps. This guide has explained all the steps of garbage disposal installation in detail. Bring a garbage disposal to add eco-friendly food waste in your kitchen.