Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner Review – An Effective Stink-Free Disposal

You often hear that garbage disposal cleaners are useless because DIY household cleaners take responsibility for the cleaning. Even though, there are times when you need a quick solution instead of mixing equal proportions of various ingredients found in the kitchen cabinet. Don’t you? In this regard, I have come up with an easy remedy in the form of a Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner that not only gives the true essence of cleaning but also makes your disposal and plumbing system free from odors for a long time. 

The article is all about the working, characteristics, and usage of the Plink cleaner. Plus, it contains instructions throwing light on how to use the particular cleaner to get the guaranteed result. 

Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner Review

Being the cleanliness freak, I never want my under-sink area and garbage disposal to become the storehouse of nauseating odors. Plus, I always leave no stone unturned in using baking soda, vinegar, ice cubes, rock salt, and the like to get the job done. The ingredients became useless and were not performing well for the past couple of months. 

So, I strived to find the best alternatives and found Plink in all its glory in the grocery store. If you want the same for your appliance, here are my viewpoints on the Plink Disposal Cleaner Review. Also, you will get to know the ingredients, cleaning actions, and safety tips to protect yourself while cleaning the disposal unit. 

Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Plink Cleaner Insight

Here is a little sneak peek of the Plink Cleaner in the form of bullets. The aim is to introduce you to the product so that you make a confirmed decision.

  • Package Type: a casing that contains cleaning balls wrapped in a plastic cover with instructions mentioned on the packaging.
  • Net weight: 23 g
  • Quantity: 10 cleaning balls
  • Safe for: septic systems, plumbing, and garbage disposals
  • Treatments: 10 per package
  • Expiry: as soon as you complete the number of Plink tablets


How plink cleaner reaches you is important to know, for it showcases how conveniently it does the job for the purpose it is manufactured. In this regard, the brand came up with the idea of packaging that contains fewer accessories and includes only what is needed, that is Plink cleaning balls.

In addition, the entire packaging refers to two things: a written description of the cleaner regarding its usage, weight, and cautions. Plus, the collection of ten cleaning balls is packed in a flower shape for beautification. There is a plastic covering to let the product stay in place when not in use.


Typically, cleaners for plumbing or drains are provided in liquid form. On the contrary, plink disposal cleaner contains cleaning agents packed in the shape of tablets. So, considering it in a liquid state or a kind of spray solution for the name-sake of cleaner is a whole lot of misunderstanding. 

Plink Disposal Cleaner Ingredients

The first thing that comes first is to get to know the ingredients from which the Plink disposal cleaner is made. Since the packaging is simple and does not contain extra documentation, it lacks a long list of ingredients and instead mentions only a few. 

However, the described ones contribute to explaining the facts regarding how safe these cleaning balls are from the perspective of skin contact, children’s reach, or like. Plus, the ingredients are biodegradable and thus safe for the plumbing materials. So, plink mostly contains:-

  • D-Limonene
  • Paraffin
  • Lanolin
  • Yellow Dye

No matter whether you plink your household drains or garbage disposal, there are no chances of remaining odors. In addition, Plink garbage disposal contains no phosphate that would be harmful to the piping materials. However, it must have Bitrex, a bitter coating on the tablets in case a kid tries swallowing it. 

How Does Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner Work?

Plink cleaning round balls manage to give fresh-scented garbage disposal and drain pipes. But, do you think that’s how it happens? While household products take significant time to show their results only after mixing the proportions as prescribed, plink cleaner shows its magic in just 15 seconds.

Moreover, when the tablet goes down the drain, it dissolves with the running water. The cleaning action takes place and washes away unpleasant odors. After this, you turn on the hot water stream and the Plink cleaner gives the fresh scent the way you like. 

How to Use Plink Disposal Cleaner?

You must note that using Plink cleaner is easy but requires an attentive mind to proceed with the procedure that lasts only a few seconds. In this regard, I have decided to give a detailed description of the steps of plink disposal cleaner directions.

  1. Run Excess Water

Using plink cleaner does justice when you make initial preparations, such as freeing the disposal that has accumulated grease linings, fats, and remaining stuck food if any. What you must do is run the disposal and turn the faucet on to let the flow of cold water pour down the drains for sixty seconds. The initial treatment will eventually prepare the disposal unit to accept the cleaning ball with no error. 

  1. Turn Off Disposal 

The next step is to switch off the garbage disposal from the main power supply. However, the water stream must continue but this time with the dimension of a pencil width.  

  1. Use Plink Tablets

As you make the garbage disposal unworkable by turning it off and the water is on, it’s time to plink your disposal unit. For this, you must pick one cleaning ball out of the casing and throw it inside the drains. Pro Tip: since one tablet is enough to get guaranteed results, avoid using one over the other. 

Turn on the garbage disposal at this time and let the appliance do the job when given 15 seconds. You must turn off the garbage disposal and water source. Next, revive your action of turning on the disposal unit again along with the hot water stream to get a perfumed garbage disposal. 

Plink Garbage Disposal Variants

You must know that Plink disposal cleaner leaves fresh scents in the disposal and around the sink area. It also works to minimize the chances of future odors. However, the curious thing is what makes it produce the fragrance. Let me explain to you that it is a deodorizing agent of a particular scent responsible for this.  

Moreover, what if you get the choice to choose the fragrance for the garbage disposal? Plink turns your wish into reality as it comes up with different variants, such as citrus orange, lemon, and simply fresh. While I use lemon fragrance you can use any according to your wish.

How Often Should You Plink Your Sink?

You have already collected the necessary information including its appearance, variants, and directions to use the Plink disposal cleaner. It’s time to note how often you need the second round of throwing plink in the sink. 

In that case, you must use it twice a week from my personal experience. In case, if an emergency calls, you can use these tablets per requirement. No matter what schedule you follow for Plink Cleaner, the goal is to obtain a cleaner disposal. 

Plink Disposal Cleaner Instructions

Plink cleaner is harmless for garbage disposals, septic systems, and household plumbing owing to the constituents from which it is composed. 

Even then, this safety benefits you fourfold when following the below-mentioned instructions. 

  • Use one tablet at a time and avoid using it with other cleaners. 
  • Keep the used or remaining open packet in a dry and cool place. 
  • Keep and place the plink tablets out of reach of pets and children.
  • Avoid using Plink cleaner in the sink without disposal.
  • Avoid opening the plink balls and use them as it is.
  • Rinse with plenty of water if contact with the skin and the eyes.

How to Use Plink Disposal Cleaner?

Wondering how to use Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner? It’s a breeze! Just pop one Plink capsule into your disposal, let hot water trickle in, and switch on the disposal for 15 seconds. The fizzy formula works its magic, eliminating gunk and odors, leaving your disposal clean and fresh. This easy and quick method enhances your kitchen environment. For optimal results, make it a habit to use Plink regularly and keep your garbage disposal in top-notch condition.

Bottom Line