GXP50C Garbage Disposal Not Working | Reasons and Solutions

Being a continuous garbage disposal user for many years, I have learned many tactics of when it operates normally and when not. I am ready to troubleshoot even minor issues with expertise. However, if you are new to know about the problem of why GXP50C Garbage Disposal Not Working, here is your answer. 

The reasons why GXP50C Disposal not working are many and so are the solutions. You need to pick only the right technique to get through the problem. The article is your guiding light in making your appliance long running while eliminating errors. 

Moen gxp50c Garbage Disposal Not Working – Reasons

Moen GXP50C is a comparatively low-ranked garbage disposal. In no time it falls victim to several problems, such as consuming no power, making noises, jammed with foreign particles, pop-out reset button, and whatnot. 

Power Issues

Since garbage disposal uses electrical energy for functioning, power issues come into mind whenever there is a discussion about garbage disposal not working issue. It may be because you try turning on the application without plugging the cord into the switch. 

Also, there are chances that the circuit breaker supplying power from the main outlet gets tripped due to any reason or the wiring becomes faulty. thus, these reasons prevent your garbage disposal from working normally. 

The easiest solution is to make the garbage disposal electrical connection intact and look for regular check-ups in case you find damaged wiring, not working wall switch, and the like.


gxp50c garbage disposal humming is the result of the overheating. Diving deep into the mechanics explains that when something gets stuck inside the garbage disposal, the power supply remains constant but the appliance fails to rotate the impeller, and the motor overheats. In this regard, the motor puts extra effort into food grinding and increases the chances of motor bearing failure. 

Also, you must hear that the appliance produces rattling noises. It is due to some metal object, such as kitchen utensils or anything like that going inside and disturbing normal functioning. In short, humming may be the result of clogging or motor failure. 

Eliminating the clogged particles is simple as you can do it with a broomstick or moen garbage disposal unjamming wrench.  But if the deterioration occurs due to expired motor bearings, you must replace the unit or avoid overloading it for further damage. 


Like other garbage disposals, Moen GXP50C is prone to frequent clogs. Since it is a budget line disposer, the galvanized steel grinding components material may become the reason to not contribute in fine grinding and some of the leftovers remain behind. 

You must put effort into unjamming the garbage disposal as the problems lead to many other problems which are beyond repair and you end up buying the new disposal unit. 

Reset Button Not Working

A Garbage Disposal Reset Button is undoubtedly a powerful weapon to deal with various issues of disposal. Because it acts as an overload protector and shuts off the machine automatically every time it encounters an emergency. It includes a disposal unit humming, no spinning, smoking, overheating, or many other things.

However, there are times when you encounter a reset button unresponsive. Check the circuit breaker or a fuse box whether it is tripped or not. Upon finding no solution, you must initiate buying a new garbage disposal. 

How to Unclog Moen gxp50c Garbage Disposal?

Unjamming a Moen GXP50C garbage disposal is a little tricky task because it has no hex hole below the body. In this regard, Moen’s specialized unjamming wrench serves you in the best possible way to tackle the issue. The steps are as follows.

 Steps to Unclog Moen gxp50c Garbage Disposal?

How do I Reset My GXP50C Garbage Disposal?

gxp50c garbage disposal reset is an inventory technique to save the appliance from many dangers. Before you press the reset button, know that the location where the reset button for Moen resides is different compared to other garbage disposal models. It resides on the front bottom of the garbage disposal, the side opposite from where the power cable protrudes. 

  1. Switch off the garbage disposal
  2. Allow the machine to cool down for 3-5 minutes. 
  3. Remove the blockage, if any.
  4. Insert the screwdriver into the hole and give the button an audible click
  5. Switch on the garbage disposal. 

Summing Up