Franke Garbage Disposal Problems – 5 Problems and Solutions

Franke garbage disposal problems can be a real pain when you do not know how to tackle them with the correct techniques. From pesky clogs, and strange noises, to other issues, the unknown methods make or break the deal in making the machine healthy for functioning. Why not grab this article as a helping hand and get relief from the common problems? 

The article will address the common problems that are associated with Franke disposal units. In addition, there are time-saving solutions you can do it yourself to make your appliance work like before. 

Franke Garbage Disposal Issues – Causes and Solutions

What makes you think that garbage disposal from renowned brands lacks associated problems? But the reality is that no matter from which brand you select the disposal unit, it comes with several common issues.

Franke FWDJ75 3/4 Hp Disposer 2

Since the garbage disposal is a simple machine to grind food waste, there are many problems that are retrievable without asking for help. What you must do is get acquainted with the particular issue and make an effort to learn the correct it with a technique. In this regard, here is an elaboration of the common problems that Franke garbage disposal often encounters, but this time with solutions. 

1. Loud Noise

Suppose you turn on the appliance, cold water flows naturally, but the response of grinding comes with loud noises. Your first attempt must be to switch off the device and look for the thing that disturbs the normal food churning. The primary reason for the strange noise that you can assume is the accidental entry of any foreign object, such as a spoon, bottle cap, and the like. 

  • Switch off the garbage disposal
  • Shine a torchlight to know the exact location
  • Insert long-handled tongs by removing the splash guard
  • Catch the foreign object that becomes the cause of odd noise

2. Unit Does Not Start

Your being in a panic state is justified after finding that Franke’s disposal denies grinding. It does not start nor allow cold water to flow down the drains. Well, there are many possible reasons for the situation. 

There may be a loose connection between the plug-in cord and a switch, tripped reset button, faulty wiring, and many more. However, you must react accordingly, that is make the connection intact, and check the turntable whether rotates freely. 

The next step is to check the tripped or pop-out reset button. Wait until it stays in and then press the button. If the problem still prevails, make sure to check for the replacement of the blown circuit breaker or a switch by calling an expert. 

3. Turntable Does Not Rotate Freely

The biggest fear is when you find the garbage disposal stops working midway or does not start at all the time you flip the switch. Before you make any assumptions, let me tell you that the disposal unit becomes the victim of the blockage. Well, you don’t worry as the easy troubleshooting steps let you say goodbye to clog with no comeback. 

  • Switch off the disposal unit that consumes the power supply from the main outlet.
  • Remove the splash guard and insert the wooden rod/stick to the length of the grinding chamber.
  • Let the wooden rod exhibit some force to the surface between the turntable and the grind ring.
  • You can repeat the step until it releases the jam or rotate the turntable
  • Remove the jamming particles and press the garbage disposal reset button
  • Run cold water and test the machine for normal working.

4. Leaky Garbage Disposal

A leaking garbage disposal is an entire mess, seeing the pool of water everywhere with foul odors always emitting. There are many locations from where the disposer leaks, and you must check, that is from the top, side, or bottom. 

The leaking unit from the top is due to the result of the improper installation of the sink flange. However, you can make it tight by putting the putty or tightening loose connections. 

Similarly, if you find the garbage disposal leaking from the side, it’s time to replace the gaskets. But the end part is not so comforting, that is leaking from the bottom. It is often due to cracks that let you replace the entire unit.

5. Reset Button Won’t Stay In

If the Franke disposal unit’s reset button frequently pops out, it may be a sign of a jam or overload. You must follow the steps for clearing jams and try pressing the button again. In most cases, a reset button failure is an indication of the entire unit’s replacement.

Franke Garbage Disposal Safety Instructions 

Follow Franke Garbage Disposal safety guidelines to Prevent Franke garbage disposal problems and Ensure Smooth Operation.

Franke Garbage Disposal Safety Instructions

Summing Up

Like every garbage disposal, various models of Franke give up due to many reasons. Also, it costs you nothing to learn the techniques of dealing with the problems. So, take the help of my article that explains the easygoing solutions to the common garbage disposal problems and get your disposal back to its best in no time.