Fixing Clogged Kitchen Sink on Both Sides – Methods Explained

I kept ignoring my clogged sink for a long time and continued doing dishes in the second sink enjoined it. But after a few days, both the sinks began backing up along with dirty water and food scraps. What I did was a little research and came up with many techniques to deal with the odor-releasing messy kitchen area. In case, you have no initial knowledge about how to deal with the situation, here are time-saving and do-it-yourself troubleshooting techniques for fixing the clogged kitchen sink on both sides. 

If both sinks in your kitchen are clogged, it indicates a potential jam in either the main drainage line or the garbage disposal. This jam may occur due to unground food particles, the accumulation of dirt, or the obstruction of larger items within the pipe.However, you can deal with the situation by using some essential tools and ingredients, such as baking soda, a plunger, and the like. 

In this article, I will mention some of the common and time-saving fixes you can carry on to remove the clogs in your double sink kitchen. 

How Fixing Clogged Kitchen Sink on Both Sides?

Typically, fixing clogged kitchen sinks on both sides does not take long hours or additional help. So, you can do it yourself by getting your hands on a few techniques mentioned below.

Pro Tip: wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with the dirty water and remove the excess water by scoping it in the bucket to attentively work on the clogs. 

Use Plunger

Since your aim is to let go of the clogs and obtain a clog-free sink, the first equipment you can use to treat the drains is a kitchen plunger, different from what you use in toilets. The steps for when or where to use a plunger are simple but need your focus for guaranteed results. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the disposal unit while remaining the problem as it is. 

The next step is important, for it determines how much you put effort into dislodging the clog. Ensure you plunge into the sink drain vigorously for up to three to four times or more. Remove the plunger and notice whether the water starts draining. If yes, run plenty of water from the faucet to the drains to clear minor dirt grime, and blockages. 

Clear Garbage Disposal Jams

Garbage disposal jams are one of the reasons for clogged kitchen sinks. What you must do is clear the jams as soon as you notice them to ensure the goodwill of both the household plumbing system and the appliance. Here are the steps you can follow to make it clog-free. 

steps to Clear Garbage Disposal Jams

Clear P-trap

If the clogged kitchen sink on both sides remains as it is without any progress, what you must do is inspect the P-trap. Why? Because it is the meeting point where the drains of the two sinks meet and is a place where a clog is likely to occur.

To start with, empty the under-sink cabinet and place a spacious bucket underneath. Grab a wrench and remove the pipe, you can do this by loosening the screws. Water will eventually start dripping but the bucket will hold the flow. Here, clogs and debris reside, you must clean it. 

Pro Tip: If you notice that the P-trap loses its capacity to drain water effectively and is heavily clogged, you can purchase a new one and replace the previous one by assembling it in its place.

Use a Sink Snake

Since you try clearing the minor blockages with a plunger, unclog the jammed garbage disposal, and inspect the P-trap, it is of no use. Sometimes, the clog meets you at the farthest end and you need a different tool to deal with it; sink snake/plumber’s snake. Here are the steps that lead you to unclog the double sink drains effectively. 

  1. Wear protective gloves to treat the severely clogged drains.
  2. Insert the sink snake into the drain and let it go to the entire length without rotating.
  3. Wiggle the tool gently by rotating it in a clockwise direction
  4. Remove the sink snake to remove the stuck items
  5. Repeat the process as you entirely clean the drain to the last end. 

Bottom Line

Leave the thought of asking the plumber to unclog the double kitchen sink for you as it is a relatively easy task to carry on as a DIY project. As you know the reasons for the clogging in a bird’s eye view, the article is there to let you know the methods to fix the clogged kitchen sink on both sides. In addition, there are different tools you need to select for timely unclogging. So, grab the information and make the most out of the healthy drains.  Now, regarding the question of whether you can use the sink if the garbage disposal is broken, the answer is yes, you can still use the sink.