Does Garbage Disposal Need Dedicated Circuit? Explained

It takes me significant hours to come to the point of how to connect the garbage disposal. Whether with a dedicated circuit or shared with other appliances, provoke me to consult reviews and apply the best that suits me. My study will take you to the answer: Does Garbage Disposal Need a Dedicated Circuit?

A garbage disposal connected to the dedicated circuit prevents power shortage to other devices. To shield the other appliances from blowing out by restricting other plugs from coming out of the outlet during the blade’s vibration. 

In this article, I will mention the consequences of connecting your disposal to a dedicated or shared circuit. What is more important is the insight into the advantages the garbage disposal handover you when honoring it with an individual circuit.

Does Garbage Disposal Require Dedicated Circuit?

Do you agree to give the same importance to the garbage disposal as other kitchen appliances? If yes, forward ahead to maintain the distance between it and devices like the microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher while connecting it. The bonus you get is desired power supply, no frequent reset, and maintenance of the connections of the other appliances.

Prevent Power Shortage

Your kitchen appliances deserve enough watts and amperes to get on. If garbage disposal does not share the same connection with multiple devices, every device bears the power load of its share without interfering with others; Also, the chances of power shortage decrease.

Reduce Resets

Garbage disposal is an intelligent device. As soon as it senses an imminent danger, such as the motor overheating, blades not turning, or garbage disposal leaking, the machine turns off automatically. When the garbage disposal continuously feeds the power, it reduces the need for frequent resets from the reset button residing below the disposal unit.

Maintain Power Connection

You might think about what the garbage disposal power connection has to do with the other connections. As you already know, the disposal unit disregards running for an extended time and runs in short bursts. So, the power to drive it is strong enough to trip the circuit breaker.

You can assume that no kitchen instrument can do its function when the connection is interrupted. The benefit of a dedicated circuit is to prevent the power cut-off of the other appliance. The way you avoid the major reason that blocks the power connection of other appliances, decrease the circuit breaker tripping and the machine works effortlessly.

How Many Amps Does a Garbage Disposal Use?

Garbage disposal follows the less is more and draws a minimum of ten amps to rotate the motor. If you intend to install your disposal with a dedicated circuit, feel free to ask for a 15-amp circuit. Otherwise, the 20-amp circuit does justice when connecting the machine with a dishwasher.

Moreover, the size and model of the machine are equally important when deciding on the amp circuit for the garbage disposal. You must follow the instruction manual before making your choice between 15-20 amps.

How Many Amps Does a Garbage Disposal Use

Choosing Between Dedicated and Shared Circuits for Your Garbage Disposal

When choosing the right electrical circuit for a garbage disposal, factors like safety, reliability, and compliance with electrical codes are paramount. Typically, a dedicated circuit is the preferred choice for powering a disposal, but shared circuits can be suitable in specific situations. Here’s a comparison:

Choosing Between Dedicated and Shared Circuits for Your Garbage Disposal

Can a Disposal and Dishwasher be on the Same Circuit?

Can Garbage Disposal be on Same Circuit as Outlets? Garbage disposal and the dishwasher can be on the same circuit as long as they do not exceed the circuit’s power load, do not run at the same time, not having enough space for a separate outlet, and do not affect each other’s performance.

If you find it difficult to carry out the precautions, the idea of connecting both appliances with their respective circuits is always a straightforward one. However, what the owner’s manual instructs you is crucial to avoid mishaps in the future.

Does a Garbage Disposal Need a 20-amp Circuit?

A typical garbage disposal works effortlessly when connecting it to the 20 amp circuit. However, the number can be changed from less or more depending on how much horsepower it consumes for running.

How Much Power Do I Need in a Garbage Disposal?

You must look for a garbage disposal working on 3/4 horsepower. The size is considered ideal to serve a family of three to five persons without tripping the breaker when connecting it with a 15-amp dedicated circuit.

Summing Up