Criterion 1/2 hp mid-duty Series Garbage Disposal – A Budget-Friendly Option

Do you step back from buying the garbage disposal because it covers much space under the kitchen cabinet? If yes, throw away the unnecessary excuses and bring home the Criterion 1/2 hp disposal unit. The ideal performer does not break the hope of buying one due to its compact size and saves your time in doing dishes in traditional ways. So, are you interested in reading what Criterion 1/2 hp mid-duty Series Garbage Disposal has in store for you?

A mid-duty series 1/2 hp Criterion garbage disposal is a whole package bundle. It contains 1/2 horsepower, a high torque permanent magnet motor, and a three-year warranty in an affordable price range. In addition, the appliance comes with a removable splash guard, anti-microbial grinding chamber, and full foam insulation. 

The article reveals an honest review of the Criterion ½ hp disposal unit. From specifications, and accessories to extra features that leave no stone unturned in matching it with competing models, you can wonder how the product has come this far. In addition, let my likes and dislikes about the appliance provide you enlightenment so that you decide while keeping every parameter into account. 

Criterion 1/2 hp mid duty Series Garbage Disposal Review

You must think why choose Criterion while leaving other high-end or renowned brands? The reason is that Criterion breaks the stereotype by introducing luxurious features into every model. From 1/2hp, and 1.25 hp, to 3/4 hp, you will find adequate sound insulation, septic safety, pre-installed power cord, and a longer warranty period. 

Criterion 1/2 hp garbage disposal meets the demand of every person, and so does mine. I have 1/2 hp model for several months and it works sufficiently. However, there are some leaking buckets that I will discuss later, but let me explain the positives first, revealing the impressive features to you. 


  • Feed Type: continuous feed
  • Horsepower: 1/2 hp disposal
  • Weight: 11.6 pounds
  • Motor: permanent magnet motor
  • Speed: 2600 RPM
  • Power Cord: included
  • Grinding Chamber Capacity: 34.8 ounces
  • Construction Material: Stainless steel
  • Mounting Assembly: 3-bolt mounting assembly
  • Warranty: 5 years

Physical Appearance and Dimensions

Like other garbage disposal models, the Criterion 1/2hp is nothing different in shape. It has nothing fancy or additional details that heighten its lookbook. However, what makes it edged at least from InSinkErator Garbage Disposal is the reset button location. The front-facing button along with a pre-installed power cord is enough to catch your attention. 

Overall, it is not how garbage disposal looks but what matters is how far it provides ease in installation with adequate values of width and height. The garbage disposal seems compact and is above 14 inches in height. You can make amendments and shift the cabinet things while placing the workaholic machine. 

Also, the 11.6 pounds of weight holds significance in making the overall process of installing which includes lifting and holding the disposal unit tireless. Otherwise, many garbage disposals with larger weightage values need help to get the job done. 

Build Quality

Another reason that excites me much to paint my thoughts on the Criterion disposal unit is its build quality. Typically, all less-horse-powered disposers are crafted out of galvanized steel or some other low-quality material, but the reviewed product comprises stainless steel. 

The excess water flushing is no longer a tension because the good quality material acts as a powerful guard against corrosion build-up. Now, you surely want to grab the product because it clears your doubts regarding the longevity or durability of the disposal unit. 


You must hear the first impression is a last impression kind of thing. But in the case of garbage disposals, it is grinding power that makes or breaks the deal. Since the under-observation product is only 1/2 hp, your tension is valid regarding how it churns food while leaving no traces behind. 

What I observe is excellent performance when you focus on putting what it can handle. The components contributing to creating the product hype are a permanent magnet motor and rotating impellers that turn at 2600 RPM and break down food items into bits and pieces.

In addition, the appliance provides a bigger grinding chamber of almost 35 ounces. So, you have no other rounds for food disposal and can do it all at once while the machine consumes electrical energy. 

What Can You Put in Criterion 1/2 hp?

Not every 1/2 hp is capable of handling food waste effectively but Criterion is something different. It allows you to add regular food scraps with the obligation of reducing them into smaller chunks. Even then, the restricted horsepower has some boundaries regarding stubborn waste, and you need a sneak-peak. 

  • Small meat/chicken pieces
  • Fruit peels
  • Soft food items
  • Liquids, beverages, fresh juices
  • Soup
  • Green salad
  • Fishbones
  • Vegetable scraps

What Can You Not Put in Criterion 1/2 hp?

No matter whether you have a garbage disposal from a renowned brand or a regular one, there are some non-food items and edibles that are prohibited from being dumped inside the grinding chamber, for they cause garbage disposal breakdown. 

  • Bones of chicken or meat
  • Eggshells
  • Corn, husk, and fibrous food
  • Large fruit slices/tough rinds
  • Coffee grounds
  • Non-food items, kid’s toys
  • Raw meat
  • Oil, grease, and fats
  • Water-absorbing edibles, rice, pasta, or oatmeal 
  • Kitchen cutlery

Extra Features

Do not expect Criterion garbage disposal to be an ordinary appliance. Instead, focus on the head-turning features that make you cherish the device compared to others of the same category. 

Sound Insulation

Typically, you will not hear that low-powered garbage disposal is capable of providing better noise insulation. But Criterion ½ hp makes you surprised and is equipped with full foam insulation. The material lets you dispose of food waste without creating a headache. 

Turning to reality, what I observe is a little insulation and a few decibel drops in noise level. Overall, you very well know the time garbage disposal runs because of the intense vibrations it creates. 

Septic Safe

Another great feature that attracts me the most is its septic security. As you know, household septic systems have many concerns regarding the mechanics of the disposal unit, but Criterion ½  hp plays a fair deal. It lets the bacteria in septic tanks do their work of breaking down solid organic waste while not allowing anything to pass from the chamber to the drains that become the cause of their death. 

Antimicrobial Grinding Chamber

Not every garbage disposal ensures efficient cleaning and often becomes a resthouse for uninvited bacteria, molds, and mildew. 

But Criterion 1/2 hp is different allowing you to spend less time in manual cleaning due to the antimicrobial grinding chamber. The specific antimicrobial coating makes the unit decay-free or dry in response to excess water. As a result, the chances of microbe’s growth are mitigated. 

Dishwasher Drain Connection

As you know, garbage disposals and dishwashers go hand in hand. Similarly, Criterion ½ hp is not devoid of the facility and features a dishwasher drain connection so that you have no problem joining both devices and obtaining the work out of them. 


Garbage disposals have various companions without which the appliance cannot carry normal functioning. You can call these working partners accessories that do everything for mess-free food disposal. Although the list is not long, it includes handy things you must know. 

Power Cord

A power cord is an essential component of the garbage disposal. It helps in supplying enough values of the amperes and volts to operate the machine. The absence of which lets you find it separately from local stores. Criterion ½ hp eases you by including a power cord with the machine’s other spare parts. 

Splash Guard

Criterion 1/2 hp comes with a stopper and splash guard that helps restrict water and food content only in the grinding chamber and prevent backing up. Also, the plus point is its characteristic of being removable, which allows you to carry out deep cleaning at any time without spending hours dislodging the unit. 

3-Bolt Mounting Assembly

The aim of the Criterion 1/2 hp is not to put you under strain while installing the unit. Instead, the device comes with a mounting assembly that does the job for you. You only have to put effort into lifting the unit above to the point of the sink assembly and tightening the bolts to secure the garbage disposal connection. 


Criterion garbage disposals despite having low or high horsepower offer a great warranty period. One example is the Criterion 1/2 hp that covers 5 years and lets you enjoy free-of-cost repair in case it overheats, breaks down, or stops working. 

Also, the special advantage is enjoying the lifetime warranty which is valid when your garbage disposal unit accumulates with corrosion. Overall, you have always the option to get it replaced with a new one. 


In the era of inflation, not everyone gets their hands on the high-priced gadgets. In this regard, Criterion 1/2 hp aims to serve the purpose of providing its services to economy-class users by fixing the price of the specific product under $100. You must seal the deal as the features and specifications are worth trying for. 

What I Like About Criterion 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal?

  • A high torque motor of 1/2 hp can easily convert food into small particles with fewer jams.
  • The adequate height of the disposal unit complements well with my kitchen under-cabinet.
  • The removable splash guard is a plus point in keeping the water and food in the grinding chamber and ensures deep cleaning.
  • The sound insulation is satisfactory. 
  • A reset button lies on the perfect location on the front bottom side, helping in quick troubleshooting techniques.
  • Criterion 1/2 hp can handle food waste for one or two people.

What I Don’t Like About Criterion ½ hp Garbage Disposal?

  • Sound insulation could be better if it provides full foam insulation. 
  • The continuous feed design is not without injuries if misused.

1/2 vs 3/4 HP Garbage Disposals Which One Best

When comparing 1/2 HP vs 3/4 HP garbage disposals, the main difference is power. A 3/4 HP disposal is stronger, handling tough scraps well, great for big households. A 1/2 HP is budget-friendly but struggles with tough waste. Choose based on your needs and budget.

Bottom Line

Criterion 1/2 hp mid-duty Series Garbage Disposal is an ideal appliance that demands a special space in your kitchen. It is laced with amazing features and must-have accessories, so you have no problem operating it even if you are a first-time user. So, what are you waiting for? Seal the deal as soon as possible and cut the time you spend in the kitchen.