Why did my InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Stop Working? 6 Reasons to Look Through

Why my InSinkErator garbage disposal stop working, is a question haunting my mind for two weeks. I was not ready to accept the fact that it did not budge despite having it under strict maintenance supervision. What I did was shortlisted all the primary causes that make disposal reach this far and tried applying the solution one by one to retrieve my InSinkErator Evolution Excel. Read to find out what’s bothering your garbage disposal.

The reasons why the InSinkErator garbage disposal stops working are many. However, the leading ones are electrical issues, severe clogging, leaking, worn-out parts, reset button giving up, overheating, or a burnt motor.

This article covers a detailed explanation of the causes that prove detrimental to the disposal unit and make it stop working. In addition, I try to mention the solutions while not deviating from the main agenda.

What are Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Not Working?

Watching out for what you put in the garbage disposal emphasizes the causes of garbage disposal, not working. These are my extracted ones which may also prove beneficial to you.

1. Electrical Issues

The first reason may not be the primary cause, but your negligence that halts may your disposal to work. The first one that comes in the line is to confirm whether you allow your disposal unit to feed enough power for rotating.

It is a common situation when you forget to flip the switch and panic about the garbage disposal stopped working no sound situation. Moreover, when the fault resides outside the garbage disposal, that is tripped circuit breaker or a faulty wall outlet, your machine does not respond.

Electrical Issues InSinkErator garbage disposal stops working

2. Clogging/Jamming

The fear of clogging is always there because no matter how much you keep up with adequate maintenance, an unwanted food item or even the smallest chunk can put your garbage disposal at rest.

Furthermore, clogging has a direct relation with how you treat your disposal and with what waste. It can be formed anywhere in the sink drains connecting to the disposal, grinder chamber due to incomplete grinding, and in the drains as an aftermath of flushing less water.

my InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Stop Working Clogging

3. Overloading vs. Overheating

You all may know the right answer to when does disposal unit starts overheating and why. Don’t you? The common assumption of overheating is when the motor and other internal components put a lot of effort into rotating the impellers for food crushing.

Also, why it has to work harder is your mistake of stuffing more than it can manage at once. Now you can understand why overloading triggers overheating, so avoid it from the start to make your garbage disposal workable.

Overloading vs. Overheating  InSinkErator garbage disposal stop working

4. Worn Out Disposal Components

There is no restriction to using a garbage disposal with worn-out components, but by following a logical pattern. You already know that worn-out components are on the verge of giving up, and they may leave you stranded in the mid of the way if use frequently without care.

5. Broken or Burnt Motor

As you know the disposal motor serves as a nucleus for its working. It works in collaboration with impellers or other components. However, if one gets diseased, the motor works hard to accomplish food churning and it may overheat.

Another thing that counts equally when you discuss the causes of why the InSinkErator garbage disposal stops working is the worn-out motor. The situation worsens when you are continuing use it and it becomes burned while emitting smoke or a bad smell.

Broken or Burnt Motor garbage disposal

6. Defective Reset Button

Do you hear about the garbage disposal reset button? If yes, it is the life savior and protects your machine from becoming futile. The aim of the button that resides below the unit is to pop out when misfortune hit it, such as not working, overheating, humming, or not turning.

Initially, you may combine the answer to the activity of the reset button, but what if you find the insinkerator reset button not working even after pressing it? The defective or protruding button has nothing to do with your garbage disposal’s efficient working and you are left with the option to replace it.

Garbage disposal Defective Reset Button

What to do if InSinkErator garbage disposal stop working?

As the reasons why garbage disposal stopped working are different, so do the solutions. You cannot assume to discard the whole unit without treating it. There are some problem-dealing solutions you can follow to make your garbage disposal work like before.

Check Power Connection

First thing comes first, you have the complaint of garbage disposal stopped working, check the power connection between the machine and the power outlet. Also, look for whether the breaker is in the easy position helping current to flow through the wires and turn it on.

However, if you intend to troubleshoot the garbage disposal, then you turn off the machine and avoid using your hands to avoid injuries.

Try Removing Clogs

As clogs are the root causes of the majority of garbage disposal tricks, you can do tricks to dislodge them. Grab essential tools like pliers, and Allen wrenches to get the purpose done. The first step is to check the nearby clogging particles, such as stuck food particles with the help of a torchlight.

Remove them using tongs and pliers from the sink drains by keeping the drain stopper out of its place. On the other hand, if you find complications inside the chamber or nearby flywheel, use an Allen wrench and insert it into the hole beside the reset button. Use all your strength to turn it in either direction until it becomes loose and turn it manually.

Press Reset Button

It’s time to turn the garbage on and check for any possibility of the garbage disposal not working. However, you can simply press the garbage disposal reset button after ensuring nothing is left to remain inside to play the role of obstruction.

As a precautionary measure, I suggest you wait for a few minutes until the machine gets cool down and proceed to button pressing.

Replace Dedicated Components

Suppose you find your garbage disposal in the same not working condition. Think about its safety and consult the technician for the replacement of the dedicated parts, such as faulty motors, worn-out grinders, or dull blades.

Note: you cannot repair the reset button, for it does nothing. It is better to replace the unit to save time and effort.

How do you Reset an InSinkErator?

To make your garbage disposal long-lasting, reset buttons are installed. However, the learning steps are followed to restore it from minor issues.

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal by flipping the switch!
  2. Wait for a few minutes 2-5 minutes to let the machine cool down.
  3. Ensure the clogs are subsided.
  4. Press the red reset button, and you find below the disposal body.

How do you know if your garbage disposal motor is burnt out?

Your garbage disposal emitting smoke, or a bad smell is the first indication that it has started walking on the path of giving up. You may have overloaded the machine or run it frequently to dispose of food waste in no time.

How long does it take for a garbage disposal to reset?

For garbage disposal when clogged or deny turning, you can simply press the reset button to restore it. Overall, it takes a few moments to reset, so you must wait to turn it on again.

Summing Up

Garbage disposal is an elegant yet delicate device and comes with safety instructions. The only way you can neglect the question of why did my InSinkErator garbage disposal stop working is to do the care it demands. In this article, I have mentioned the surface reasons that make your machine at rest. Additionally, leaving you with simple solutions to go through for effective kitchen waste disposal.