3/4 HP vs 1 HP Garbage Disposal – Basic Comparison Guide

You often hear people say garbage disposals have their best sizes available in 3/4 hp and 1 hp, but no one highlights what makes them different and how to choose them. If you have the same question, read the guide I prepared explaining the comparison analysis between the two most …

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Garbage Disposal Not Spinning – Reasons And Solutions

Garbage Disposal Not Spinning

I realized my disposal was not spinning after turning it on from the power supply. However, nothing works when pressing the Garbage Disposal Reset Button as an initial treatment. In this regard, my primary concern is to find out why my Garbage Disposal is not Spinning. Garbage not spinning is …

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Garbage Disposal Not Turning On | Causes and Solutions

Garbage Disposal Not Turning On

Examining the household machine is not so challenging, primarily when available with an instruction manual. What do you do when the Garbage Disposal Not Turning On? Do you call an electrician, or are you interested in self-inspection like me?  There are many reasons your disposal is not turning on. Sometimes …

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Why Cold Water only with Disposals? Reasons to Consider

Why Cold Water only with Disposals?

I often think, Why Cold Water only with Disposals? Is this a thumb rule, or do garbage disposals perform well in the presence of cold water? I searched well-known sites to gather my knowledge regarding the unknown logic and came to a conclusion.  Using cold water is preferred over hot …

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Garbage Disposal Jammed: Best Way to Fix

Garbage Disposal Jammed

Is your Garbage Disposal Jammed, and the only tension is how to fix it? Don’t worry; my experience in clearing out foreign objects from the disposal will not leave your side and make your machine work like before without creating trouble. Garbage disposals are powerful enough to eliminate food traces …

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How To Clean Garbage Disposal – A Simple Steps Guide

How To Clean Garbage Disposal

Cleaning a garbage disposal is an important task that should be done regularly to keep it running smoothly and to prevent any buildup or clogs. You can effectively clean your garbage disposal and keep it in good condition in just a few simple steps. 1: Turn off the Power Before starting …

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How to Dispose of Baking Soda? 3 Best Ways

How to Dispose of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a useful household item, but when it becomes ineffective, it must be disposed of properly. If you find yourself with an excess amount of baking soda, don’t worry, there are safe and eco-friendly ways to dispose of it. Learn here How to dispose of Baking Soda in …

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Is a Higher Horsepower Garbage Disposal Better? Explained

Is a Higher Horsepower Garbage Disposal Better

Being away from the device’s technical terms, I had no idea that the reason behind my disposal grinding slowly and jamming frequently was low horsepower. However, the help from the technician made me replace it with the one comprising higher power. If you have the same confusion as me, read …

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