InSinkErator Badger 900 vs Badger 5XP Garbage Disposals – Comparison Guide

I wanted to replace my previous garbage disposal from the model that trends among users. The technician asked me to choose between Badger 900 and Badger 5XP. So, I got my points about InSinkErator Badger 900 vs Badger 5XP Garbage Disposals collected before placing the order. 

One central difference between Badger 900 and Badger 5XP exists, which leads to minor non-identical points. The former is of stainless-steel construction, while the latter carries galvanized steel material. Whereas the minor ones, such as warranty period, price range, and design declare them not-so similar.

The article aims to unveil the differences between two efficient and innovative garbage disposal units. In addition, memorize the similarities so that there would be no problem choosing one for your needs.

InSinkErator Badger 900 vs Badger 5XP Garbage Disposals – Differences

Badger 900 or Badger 5XP, what do you choose? The decision is difficult unless you do not know the specifications either alike or different. The following are the leading differences to put a glance at.  

InSinkErator Badger 900 vs Badger 5XP - Differences


Do you think what makes the design of the garbage disposal so special is to let you instantly place your finger on the particular appliance? You better know the design is nothing but what matters is the several measurements regarding width and height that determine how much it covers space under the kitchen cabinet. 

If you look closely, Badger 900 offers a modern-looking design. The increase in width is the reason that it is more compact than Badger 5XP. 

On the other hand, Badger 5XP does not leave the conventional old-looking design with standard dimensions to fit under the base kitchen. Plus, the overall body resembles more to its common alternatives, such as Badger 5 and 500. 

Final Verdict: The thinner is the Badger 5XP whereas the practically compact is the Badger 900.

Construction Material

You may have no idea, but the construction material makes or break the deal in choosing a garbage disposal. Everyone says to look for stainless steel, and not lower than this. The reason is that moisture-containing food when going inside the chamber proves harmful to the disposer body. 

Let me inform you that water going down the garbage disposal during running or food churning is not a problem for the Badger 900 as it has stainless steel material. Not only the body but the grinding components have a durable construction to prevent corrosion buildup. 

On the other hand, the less durable and affordable galvanized steel makes up the grinding components of the Badger 5XP. It means the chances of encountering rust are evident when purchasing the product. 

Final Verdict: Badger 900 comprises long-lasting material to prevent garbage disposal from damage.


Enjoying the perks of the appliance that goes a long way seems convenient only if you have a longer warranty period. Badger 900 offers 6 years in-home warranty to let you ask the troubleshooting techniques and methods free of cost. 

On the other hand, Badger 5XP is one step behind and has 4 years of replacement or repair services in the warranty card for users. Also, if you intend to use these garbage disposals for commercial purposes, the warranty is reduced to only 12 months for both appliances. 

Final Verdict: invest once in the Badger 900, for it contains longer years of no extra expense. 


Badger 900 and 5XP are not lookalikes, but their price range is close. There may be inflation in the former’s budget due to its reliable material and vintage-beat design. Otherwise, both are affordable and have performance similar to each other. 

Final Verdict: both garbage disposals fall in the budget-friendly category. Go for the gadget with upgraded features. 

Badger 5XP vs 900 – Similarities

  • Badger 5XP vs. Badger 900 works on continuous feed-type manufacturing.
  • Both garbage disposals operate the Dura-drive motor with ¾ HP
  • Badger 5XP and 900 runs at the InSinkErator’s average 1725 RPM speed.
  • The two disposer units hold 26 ounces of food waste in a grinding chamber.
  • The power cord is optional with these disposers. 
  • Badger garbage disposals consist of a 3-bolt easy installation mechanism. 

InSinkErator Badger 500 vs 900 Garbage Disposal

The Badger 500 and 900 are popular garbage disposal models, each with unique features. The Badger 500, an affordable choice, suits basic household needs with its 1/2 horsepower motor, perfect for most food scraps.

Contrastingly, the Badger 900 offers improved power and performance. Equipped with a 3/4 horsepower motor, it takes tougher food waste, declining jam risks. It also includes Sound Seal technology for quieter operation compared to the 500.

badger 500 vs 900

Ultimately, your selection InSinkErator Badger 500 vs 900 depends on your specific needs and budget. The 900 provides improved power and lowered noise for those willing to invest more in their kitchen appliance.

Can an InSinkErator overheat?

Like other disposals, InSinkErator garbage disposals is also not devoid of overheating. The various models overheat or break down due to the continuous use of worn-out motors and irregular cleaning regimes for clogs. The vulnerable machine reaches nowhere but in the middle of a situation where it begins emitting smoke or smell. 

What is normal HP for garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals come with a range of horsepower for domestic or commercial purposes. However, the normal HP garbage disposal you can use for grinding somewhat stubborn waste falls between 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp. 

Summing Up

Garbage disposals are effective ways to get rid of food waste quickly. However, you must watch out for your requirements and budget to select the best for you. In this regard, the article sheds light on the differences between two affordably available Badger 900 and Badger 5XP. Read the guide and get acquainted with the non-identical devices from a broader perspective.