Garbage Disposal Impeller Replacement – Step and Guide 

What are your thoughts on replacing garbage disposal impellers? Does the treatment work wonders for your garbage disposal or let you buy a new one? If you ask me the question, My answer may shock you, for once committing the mistake of choosing impeller replacement over anything. Learn to know, why cannot you go for Garbage Disposal Impeller Replacement. 

The article mentions the hidden reality behind the garbage disposal impeller replacement debate. In addition, you find the solutions to problems that come uninvited when you notice the impellers fail to perform normally as before. 

Can You Replace Blades on Garbage Disposal?

Why replace the garbage disposal impellers? There are two main reasons you go for the impeller replacement, the impeller becomes frozen or comes extra loose. Both problems result in garbage disposal inefficient working. However, the first problem is treatable and mentioned below, while the second one lets you replace the entire unit. You must want to know why. 

Practically, it is impossible to replace the garbage disposal impeller. Doing so requires access to the grinding chamber that you only get on one condition, that is after destroying the seals specially designed for preventing leaks. To cut the story short, you need specialized tools for the process and must open up the entire disposal unit. In case, you need proper knowledge, you discard the garbage disposal to save the freely rotating impellers. 

How Do You Get a Stuck Impeller Out of a Garbage Disposal? Steps to Follow

When notice reduced garbage disposal power, frequent clogs, and incomplete food grinding. You must not worry as the stage does not reach to select a replacement option, instead, you can go for DIY troubleshooting. 

  • Turn off the garbage disposal from the main power outlet.
  • Put plenty of ice cubes into the grinding chamber to fill it.
  • Flush hot water down the drains and turn on the disposal unit.
  • Let the garbage disposal run until the ice is entirely crushed, irrespective of how much noise it generates.
  • You can repeat the process until the impellers become free.

How Do You Fix a Rattling Garbage Disposal?

As mentioned earlier, there are times when garbage disposal impellers become the prey of wear and tear and become way looser than they are supposed to be. Once such reason when a metal object is stuck inside, it may be any kitchen utensil or a kid toy. As a result, it begins making rattling noise. What you must do is pick an Allen wrench and follow the steps.

Steps to Fix a Rattling Garbage Disposal

There are some garbage disposal models, such as Insinkerator garbage disposal that have no hex hole for the Allen wrench, you can use a broom handle to get the job done. But this time insert the tool through the sink drain into the chamber space and repeat the steps. 

Over To You

You must not want to go wrong with the disposal troubleshooting, even if the discussion is about the impeller replacement. Also, it is not as easy as it seems. You open the disposer and get access to the grinding chamber making the process complicated, and thus ending up discarding the old with a new disposal unit. The article explains to you the reality behind the impeller replacement and focuses your attention on the linking problems, such as fixing the stuck impeller or reducing the rattling noise. You can deal with these issues and make your machine near perfection.