Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal Review – Is it Reliable or Not? 

Finding what your kitchen needs is difficult, especially when the concern is adequate food disposal. Isn’t it? In this regard, I have prepared a review on the competent appliance that not only revolutionizes the way of managing the waste but also demands less maintenance. So, here is the Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal Review for all of you who want the ultimate solution to get free from long hours of kitchen duty. 

The Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal Review article includes my personal touch in explaining the specifications of the product. In addition, it has an element describing why you should go for the product and why not regarding extra features, pricing, and preferences. 

Complete Review of Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal 

Why Evergrind e101? Because the product is another version of the InSinkErator garbage disposal models and is packed with worth-mentioning features and specifications. The biggest advantage is the price range which is affordable enough to get your hands on the product without any delay. 

In addition, the story of my purchase of the garbage disposal is nothing different from all. All I wanted was an appliance that had the capability to meet the expectations of handling food waste conveniently for my small family. The Evergrind reached my door by luck, and I accepted it wholeheartedly, for it makes my kitchen area cleaner than before. 

So, here are my note-down points about the Evergrind e101 garbage disposal, why it is popular, and what improvements it still requires. Additionally, my experience of the utilization is mentioned from the lens of the pros and cons. 


  • Feed Type: Continuous
  • Weight: 5.22 pounds
  • Horsepower: 1/3 hp
  • Motor: Dura-drive Induction Motor
  • Installation: Quick Lock Mounting Assembly
  • Sound Insulation Technology: not any
  • Grinding Components Material: Galvanized Steel with two stainless steel swivel lugs
  • Warranty: 1-year parts and in-home

Physical Appearance

Emerson Evergrind is a baby brand that falls under the shadow of the InSinkErator. The strategy of the renowned brand is to give birth to the co-brand to offer the powerful appliances that do as same as its fellows. What I experienced is almost the same-looking design of the disposal unit when compared to the brand that has given birth to it. 

The lookbook of the under-study product matches great with the InSinkErator’s Badger 1. However, it does not mean that both garbage disposals contain the same dimensions. What is highlighted is that the Evergrind e101 is slightly taller compared to the Badger 1 with 13.5 inches in height while the competitor is only 11.38 inches. 

Additionally, the 5.22-pound weight of the disposal unit confirms that it is lighter in comparison with its rival which has 12.8 pounds. Overall, I found the garbage disposal compact enough to fit under my traditionally styled sink-under cabinet without any disturbance. 

Feed Type

Since InSinkErator garbage disposal often incorporates both feed types for garbage disposal to operate accordingly, that is batch and continuous feed. So, it is crucial to know what feed type Evergrind serves you with, for it confirms how you proceed with the installation and food disposal process. 

In the case of Evergrind e101, it is a continuous feed. The benefit is all yours to turn on the machine by flipping the switch, stuffing waste items, and leaving the rest on the appliance to get the job done. In contrast, you must hold the stopper to complete the grinding process in many batches in the case of batch feed design. 

Build Quality

Another concern regarding how the garbage disposal presents itself as a reliable appliance and sustains long running without any error is build quality. Plus, what time it gives up falls under the category of how the machine is constructed. In this regard, e101 has many stories to say. Adding the information, it has a turntable of galvanized steel while the two swivel lugs are of stainless steel. 

Additionally, there is a bit of disappointment in saying that galvanized steel lacks a chromium oxide layer that functions in preventing the garbage disposal from corrosion buildup. In addition, the construction material has a direct impact on food disposal, resulting in frequent clogs or blockages. But, I must say that stainless steel swivel lugs compensate for the loss and are ever ready to pulverize the food waste irrespective of what you put inside as mentioned in the manual. 

Grinding Power 

The question of how the under-study garbage disposal performs falls defines the grinding power. Plus, it includes the machine’s horsepower, grinding chamber capacity, speed, and type of motor.

Evergrind e101 incorporates 1/3 hp horsepower with the combination of InSinkErator’s exclusive Dura-drive induction motor. It means you can run it for a small family and sort the waste disposal in a convenient way. 

In addition, the grinding chamber of the disposal unit contains moderate space to fill leftovers at once and send them to the main drain pipes to reduce waste going to landfills. However, the only condition you get a positive response is to run the garbage disposal occasionally and avoid operating it daily. 

What Do I Like About the Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal?

  • The disposal unit’s height does not go wrong with my kitchen cabinet and provides easy fitting and placement
  • The plastic seal stopper is a plus point in holding the food and water content in the grinding chamber.
  • The small-sized motor produces fewer vibrations compared to models with higher horsepower, lacking the need for sound reduction technology. 
  • A manual reset button provides quick disposal recovery in case of overheating, tripping, or overloading. 
  • The Evergrind e101 functions effectively for two to three members when operated cautiously. 

What I Don’t Like About the Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal?

  • Evergrind e101 does not contribute to reducing machine-generated noise or vibrations.
  • The continuous feed design often proves injurious due to continuous power supply. 
  • Galvanized steel material breaks the deal in protecting the disposal unit from corrosion accumulation. 

Emerson Evergrind e101 Garbage Disposal Accessories

Emerson Evergrind e101 garbage disposal offers some additionals, you call them accessories without which you cannot proceed with installation and adequate functioning. The list includes many things. Among them are a splash guard, dishwasher drain connection, quick lock mounting, and an option of having the disposal unit with a power cord. 

Power Cord

The famous yet annoying thing about the InSinkErator garbage disposals is the unavailability of the power cord. In the case of Evergrind e101, it does not have a pre-installed power cord but contains the models that help you select the particular appliance with a power cord. Indeed, it eases the installation and wiring process before and after the disposal fitting while troubleshooting. 

Splash Guard

Evergrind e101 offers a positive seal plastic seal stopper and a stainless steel sink flange to avoid seeping water and food content inside the disposal’s grinding chamber. It means food waste to be grounded safely goes down the turntable and is pulverized without interference. 

Quick Lock Mounting Assembly

Evergrind e101 installation is easy. Why? Because it comes equipped with a Quick Lock mounting assembly. You only need the initial steps to lift the disposal unit up to the portion where the garbage disposal meets the sink assembly and lock it in place. After that, the process is done resulting in a perfect fit. 

What Can You Put in Evergrind e101?

The Emerson Evergrind 1/3hp comprises somewhat restricted horsepower compared to ½ or ¾ hp, but it does not make a difference when you put things that it can handle. If you are unaware of what can go inside, here is the list mentioned below.

  • Meat slices or leftovers
  • Fruit peels
  • Soft food items
  • Kids’ food
  • Fishbones
  • Vegetable scraps

What Can You Not Put in Evergrind e101?

Like other garbage disposal brands, InSinkErator’s co-brand also conveys the rules of managing the food items so that appropriate things go inside while avoiding those that create problems like overheating or clogging. These are worst food for garbage disposal.

  • Chicken bones
  • Corn, husk, and fibrous food
  • Large fruit slices
  • Raw meat
  • Eggshells
  • Oil, grease, and fats
  • Coffee grounds
  • Non-food items
  • Kitchen cutlery
  • Water-absorbing edibles, rice, pasta, or oatmeal 

Does Evergrind e101Garbage Disposal Need Improvement?

As you know, the Review Shows Evergrind E101 Garbage Disposal owns a standard rank, so it offers fewer facilities compared to premium ones. Accordingly, the idea of what improvements it requires is mentioned to clarify whether it contributes to tireless kitchen cleaning. Here are my viewpoints. 

Apart from the multi-grinding stages, stainless steel material, or better warranty period, the under-observation garbage disposal even lacks the feature of sound reduction. There are even no materials, such as foaming or cushioning around the grinding chamber to reduce the machine-generated vibrations. 

As a result, you hear every inch of sound while disposing of the food and that’s why it needs an improvement in this field. Also, when viewed from the positive side, the appliance contains less horsepower motor that does not generate ear-piercing noise, automatically compensating for the essential requirement and proving a positive point from the purchasing factor. 


I must say that Evergrind e101 lies in the categories of garbage disposal models that have no justice while deciding warranty tenure. It comes with only a 1-year warranty that makes you enjoy less free-of-cost repair or troubleshooting.  

However, the happy thing is that the one-year warranty is relaxing, offering the in-home facilities of disposal unit parts and labor. It means you always have an opportunity to get your garbage disposal check-up from professionals in emergency situations. 


Bottom Line