Waste King L-8000 – Comprehensive Review Guide

Do you want the garbage disposal to stand on the expectations of the food disposal on a daily basis? If yes, knock on the Waste King Legend series L-8000 to get the most out of it. The aim of specifying the model is the fulfillment of the requirements that every garbage disposal user looks for in the appliance. Here is my in-depth analysis of the King L-8000, its pros and cons, and specifications. 

L-8000 is the garbage disposal of the Waste King’s Legend Series. It has many features to make the disposal unit reach its height. From the one hp horsepower, continuous feed design, and stainless steel grinding chamber to the SoundShield technology, all the technical features contribute to efficient food grinding. 

Waste King l-8000 Garbage Disposal

The idea of choosing garbage disposal for disposing of daily food waste needs an attentive mind. Considering the specifications and added features to enhance the cleaning experience may take a long day. So, why waste a minute and look for what I want to say about the L-8000? 

Waste King L 8000

Also, what I like about the product and what improvements I like to see in the appliance are mentioned so that you decide better. Know that the garbage disposal’s review is based on dimension, build quality, grinding power, and facilities of the warranty period. 


  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet Motor 
  • Grinding Chamber Capacity: 26 ounce
  • Power Cord: 32-inch pre-installed power cord
  • Mounting Technology: EZ mounting
  • Grind Chamber Construction: glass-filled nylon chamber
  • Grinding Components Material: stainless steel 
  • Warranty: Lifetime corrosion warranty
  • Weight: 11.94 pounds


The design of the Waste King impresses you the time you plan to buy the disposal unit. Apart from the premium construction, the physical lookbook of the appliance comprises detailings at the upper part while the sleek design continues till the bottom body. Plus, the pre-installed power cord of 32 inches and the front-facing reset button enhance the design fourfold. 

Still, the design that contains a stainless steel sink flange and a removable splash guard does not contribute to the installation logically. What matters is the height and width that make the garbage disposal adequate for the kitchen under the cabinet. Personally, the dimensions of 16 inches and 8.5 inches do not bother me in placing it into my newly renovated sink cabinet. 

Feed Type

You must know that garbage disposals work on a continuous or batch feed design and there is no in-between. If want to know what feed design Waste King L 8000 incorporates, it is continuous feed. It means you flip the switch to turn on the appliance, stuff the junk inside the grinding chamber, and let it run until it feeds the power supply for food pulverization. 

On the other hand, the L-8000 disposer discards batch feed design. The reason is to save time for stuffing the food waste in batches and hold the stopper firmly to operate the machine smoothly. 

Build Quality

Another factor that matters a lot in discussing the review of the L-8000 garbage disposal is the build quality. In fact, it is the point that makes or breaks the deal, for it signifies how well the machine operates and proves durability in the upcoming years against wear and tear. 

In this regard, Waste King 8000 comprise different construction material for different components and disposal parts. The grind chamber is exclusive to the brand and is manufactured from glass-filled nylon to prevent rust accumulation. 

Whereas, the grinding components, such as lugs, impellers, shredder rings, and metal plates are made of stainless steel material. The components are not only prone to dents but are also sharp enough to cut the coming food waste into bits and pieces in no time. 

Grinding Power

Since the L-8000 model belongs to the Waste King’s Legend series, it stands above in offering over-the-board specifications and some worth-mentioning extra features. Discussing the grinding power which includes, horsepower, motor strength, and grinding chamber capacity, it is interesting to know how the disposal unit makes kitchen cleaning tireless. 

The under-study garbage disposal is assigned to use the power of a permanent magnet motor at 1 HP horsepower to grind food waste. Since this horsepower is the highest among all the domestic garbage disposals, the privilege is that you can use the appliance at any time of the day and night. 

Know that the grinding components rotate at 2800 RPM and make the pulverization an easy task. Also, you have now an option to clear the mess at once because of the large capacity grinding chamber. It means filling up loads of waste coming the way to up to 26 ounces and letting the disposal do its duty. 

What Can Go In Waste King L-8000?

The Legend series model comes with the ability to not leave any food chunk unattended. Plus the 1 HP horsepower competes well in accepting almost all kinds of organic waste. Even though you must keep a check on what can go inside to ensure everlasting safety. Here is the list of the food items that can easily go in the disposal unit for a smooth churn. 

  • Apple cores
  • Chicken/Fish Bones
  • Salad Leaves
  • Leftovers
  • Beverages/soups
  • Soft food items
  • Kids’ food
  • Fruit scraps
  • Vegetable peels

What Cannot Go In Waste King L-8000?

Although Waste King 8000 gives a vibe of using a not-less than commercial garbage disposal by accepting almost everything. Even then, the limitations say that there are certain things that you can’t allow to be stuffed inside the grinding chamber. 

  • Non-food items
  • Drain cleaners
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Stringy food
  • Nuts, seeds, and shells
  • Water-absorbing edibles
  • Tough fruit rinds
  • Onion or potato peels

Extra Features

Waste King L-8000 falls in the category of garbage disposal models that contain higher horsepower to deal with domestic kitchen requirements. In addition, it has some head-turning features that force you to get your hands on the appliance in the blinking of an eye. 

Noise Insulation

Food disposal on the cost of listening to ear-piercing vibrations must be a big no. I mean when you have the option to choose the best features, why not L-8000, which is equipped with a SoundShield technology that gives the experience of noiseless food grinding? Not only this, but the garbage disposal is lined with sound-deadening insulation to minimize the machine’s self-generated noises and you feel as if nothing is running in the kitchen. Waste King L-8000 is on of the best quiet garbage disposal.

Septic Safe

The King L-8000 disposal unit never disappoints you because it comes with a septic-friendly feature. It not only gets along with the household septic systems but also ensures that no foreign objects go down the disposal so that the machine remains safe from frequent damage and bacteria in the septic tanks continue degrading solid waste. 

Front-facing Reset Button

Almost all garbage disposals have a reset button to compensate for the loss that you encounter in the form of the appliance’s overheating, tripping, smoking, and not working. What makes Waste King special is the convenient location of the reset button that allows you to save time in finding it and pressing it in times of emergency. 

Typically, standard garbage disposals especially InSinkErator models have their overload protector button residing underneath the disposal frame. But the Waste King lets the users enjoy the facility by offering the front-facing button. It means you can easily and quickly give a reset to the disposer in need. 


Waste King 8000 garbage disposal also offers some essential accessories so that you can carry on adequate installation and food disposal operations without facing any barricade. 

Power Cord

The first thing that comes first with almost all the Waste King garbage disposals is the power cord and L 8000 is not different from others. Being a powerful disposal unit, it comes with a 32-inch pre-installed power cord so that you do not buy it separately and conveniently install the appliance as early as possible. 

Splash Guard

Another accessory of the Waste King 8000 garbage disposal that contributes to food grinding is the splash guard. You may wonder what is exclusive about the accessory because every disposal unit whether renowned or standard has this thing included in the box. 

In the case of Waste King, this accessory is removable and replaceable. The brand claims that the splash guard not only prevents the backflow of food items from the drains into the sink but also helps in disposal units’ deep cleaning without dislodging the unit. 

Mounting Assembly

Installing the garbage disposal may take a toll on you as mine for the first time due to the increased height and width than standard models. But, now handling it is not a daunting task as EZ mounting assembly comes to the rescue for the snug fit. Overall, the process takes less than an hour and guides you to tighten the bolts by lifting the frame of the disposal unit up to the sink flange and lock-in the appliance. 



What I Like About the Waste King L-8000?

  • The removable splash guard of L-8000 is an advantage, making the disposal cleaning a breeze for me.
  • One hp horsepower with combined RPM speed reduces almost every food particle I put inside the nylon-filled grinding chamber. 
  • Installation of the garbage disposal under the sink is comparatively easy with an EZ mounting assembly.
  • Grind Chamber capacity saves a lot of time in grinding loads of food at once.
  • I like the build quality of the garbage disposal that contains ever-sharpen impellers for treating food waste.

What I Like About the Waste King L-8000? 

  • King L-8000 occasionally generates louder vibrations that become the cause of the loosening of the mounting ring.
  • I have noticed that the garbage disposal mounting ring often forms dents. 
  • Garbage disposal comes with expensive maintenance. 

Bottom Line