Do Stainless Steel Garbage Disposals Last Longer? Informative Guide

Do Stainless Steel Garbage Disposals Last Longer, is a question I heard everywhere. As the amount of food disposal increased, so the materials of the garbage disposal to keep up with efficient grinding. If you have any confusion regarding stainless steel and other materials, read the article.

Yes, stainless steel garbage disposal last longer. The matter fact is that stainless steel contains chromium that forms a chromium oxide layer in the presence of oxygen and prevents the disposal from rusting. Also, it saves the unit from deforming and is durable.

In this article, I will mention why it is important to look for good-quality stainless steel garbage disposal instead of plastic or galvanized parts. Additionally, you will know the preventive measures to protect the garbage disposal.

Do Stainless Steel Garbage Disposals Last Longer?

Choosing the right garbage disposal helps you address the kitchen refuse the way you like. If you do not know what stainless steel has in special, explore the characteristics or advantages that you get as a bonus when bringing home, a stainless-steel garbage disposal.

Chromium Oxide Layer

Stainless steel contains chromium as a primary metal, and when exposed to atmospheric oxygen forms the chromium oxide layer. That’s why garbage disposal with stainless steel last longer, serving as a barrier against rust and corroding elements, such as water.

Caution: do not expose garbage disposal to constant water supply, for it demolishes the layer and develops rust.

Resist Rust/Corrosion

The foremost plan of the stainless-steel garbage disposal is to put effort into keeping your appliance safe from corrosion. However, these disposals do not comprise stainless steel from head to toe, but their grinding chambers and grinding components are.

Whereas, the older versions, such as cast iron maintain the disposal unit for some time but end up accumulating rust at various connection points. You can see them in the water pipes and under the kitchen sinks drains where the garbage disposal is attached.

Prevents Dents

Having stainless steel garbage disposal have perks. You do not worry about the machine’s deformation as the hard material is more durable than aluminum and protects grinding chambers from cracking or denting.

Convenient Cleanliness

Stainless steel is non-porous and ensures adequate hygiene. Also, you have a variety of options for either sanitizing it or cleaning it with ice cubes, baking soda and vinegar. Also, the stainless surface restricts bacteria to grow, which means you have no additional foul odors to tolerate.

How Long Do Stainless Steel Garbage Disposals Last Longer?

The average life of disposal varies from 8-12 years, but stainless-steel disposals last a few more years, 15 years, under scheduled supervision. What matters is the chromium oxide layer sustainability; otherwise, the exclusive garbage disposal will not cope in keeping the rust away.

In addition, there are important tips to follow to increase the shelf life of the stainless-steel garbage disposal.

Tips increase the shelf life of the stainless-steel garbage disposal.

Is Polymer or Stainless-Steel Better for Garbage Disposal?

Deciding which garbage disposal materials suits you best is up to you. However, if the discussion between polymer or stainless steel is concerned, the latter is more resistant and abrasive to corrosion due to an additional protective layer.

How Do You Clean a Stainless-Steel Sink and Garbage Disposal?

The first step is preparing the dish soap and warm water mixture to fill the sink. You can use a sponge or toothbrush for cleaning. For deep cleaning, use baking soda or vinegar solution, pour it down the sink and disposal, and end it with flushing a lot of water.

Can I Use Sink if Stainless-Steel Garbage Disposal is Broken?

Yes, you can still use sink if the garbage disposal broken. However, you need to be careful about what you dispose of in the sink. Avoid putting large food scraps or items that can close the drain. It is recommended to use a sink strainer to catch any debris and clean it regularly to avoid it. If the garbage disposal is completely unusable, consider getting it repaired or replaced to restore full functionality to your sink.

Summing Up