5 Best Grinder Pumps – Review & Complete Buying Guide 

What if your accommodation is against gravity flow to the central sewerage system? Even then, you can manage to have unclogged drains. How? The simple answer is a grinder pumps that treats solid particles changing them to slurry and boosting the water flow. The hour’s need is to find the best grinder pump to mitigate the frequent blockage and nasty smell. 

Finding one perfect device is challenging, as no one comes with an efficiency label. I have done the homework for you by testing essential characteristics that are considered a top priority. Also, the 5 Best Grinder Pumps review will make your decision easy.

The guide comes into execution after testing up to 30 grinder pumps. The shortlisted pumps are exclusive as they do not compromise durability, functionality, and performance. You can give them a detailed read and glance at specifications, pros, and cons to clear queries. 

Zoeller 803


My first tested and shortlisted product was Zoeller M803. After receiving the order, I wanted to know what it was packed inside. So, I went for unboxing the huge packaging and got a grinder pump, control panel, hose clamps, screws, power cord, and documentation. 


The first sight of the grinder pump presented the professional design dedicated to the task it is assigned. Moreover, the pump was attached to a power cord intrigued me to install it as soon as possible and to reap the fruit. 

The testing of the grinder pump reveals that excessive water is no more a tension as the ½ Hp pump effectively carries household waste up to a height of 35 feet providing a maximum flow rate of 35 gallons per minute. 

The motor of the Zoeller M803 grinder pump is of special significance. It is oil-filled to tolerate rising temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius and maintain the 3400 RPM speed to run the impeller for converting solid things into liquid particles at a much faster pace. Since my household gathers much of the waste, the performance of the M803 is satisfactory.

Best Grinder Pumps

Moreover, I like to mention the construction materials from which the grinder pump is manufactured to help you decide on your next grinder pump. The brand without complicating things, includes a cast iron body and stainless steel grinding components in M803 that remove queries about rust. 

Another specialty of the pump’s motor is that it is single-phase and utilizes only 115 volts of energy to run the machine and transfer waste to the main sewage. Also, the against gravity flow pump let you enjoy 3 long years of warranty in which you call for an expert free of cost. 

The only downside of the grinder pump that breaks the deal is the plastic impeller. It must be of good quality material to make the overall functionality unbeatable. In case, you want a better grinder pump, there are better versions of the Zoeller, such as M805 or M807 to try for wastewater treatment. 

Key Specifications and Features

  • Horsepower: 1/2 Hp
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Speed: 3400 RPM
  • Motor: oil filled for heat dissipation
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Construction: stainless steel
  • Cord: 15 ft
  • Power Source: electricity powered
  • Flow Rate: 35 gallons per minute


  • The grinder pump handles much of my household solid waste.
  • The stainless steel grinding components ensure an increased life span.
  • The motor’s speed for debris cutting is unbeatable.  


  • The quality of pump’s rotor must be of good quality material compared to plastic. 
  • I found the product pricey, with some neglecting features.

Why Should You Buy It?

Zoeller M803 is a must-buy product for the features it offers. From a high-speed motor, and efficient floating switch, to an adequate maximum flow rate, the working mechanism is not compromised. 

Why Should You Don’t Buy It?

You should not buy Zoeller M803 due to two primary reasons

  • You must a hefty amount to cut solid waste into pulp
  • The build quality of the plastic impeller is questionable 

Final Verdict

Zoeller M805


Another Zoeller product because the previous one lacked some spark in its working. My next examination was with the Zoeller M805 grinder pumps that came with machinery, power battery, spare parts, such as float switch, discharge outlet, variety of screws, and documentation. 


The streamlined design of the Zoeller M805 with the lift handle and fins looked somewhat different from others at first sight. However, I immediately paid attention to installing it, and trust me it was not a problem as the instruction manual made all steps understandable and shrink the overall process. 

I tested the machine for a few months and get to know that it is a workaholic machine with better grinding. What impresses me the most is the ¾ Hp motor that effectively carries household waste to the height of 45 feet and pours into the main sewerage. The combination of the 40-gallon per minute flow rate with this head height is a cherry on top. 

Zoeller 805-0001, Model M805, Shark Series, Grinder Pump

Furthermore, Zoeller M805 consumes a battery power source and grinds flushable materials using a vortex impeller, cutter, and plate. Typically the pump consists of a cast iron body but you must know that the impeller is manufactured from engineered plastic to resist corrosion, whereas the cutter and plate are of stainless steel contributing to the durability of the machine. 

Another perk of the under-observation grinder pump that you won’t miss is that your energy bills are saved because the machine runs by using only 115 volts and 11 amps. Also, the grinder pump promises 3 years warranty same as its older M803 version, but the higher horsepower and oil-filled motor of M805 responsibly protect the machine from burning. 

If you want to go above than 3/4 hp motor, bring home a VEVOR 1 HP Submersible Pump which is not only cost-effective but also offers more value of flow rate. 

Key Specifications and Features

  • Horsepower: 3/4 Hp
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Motor: oil filled for heat dissipation
  • Switch: Automatic
  • Weight: 4.05 pounds
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Power Source: battery operated
  • Cutting Technology: Tri-Slice, 
  • Flow Rate: 40 gallons per minute
  • Cord: 15 ft


  • The cutters of the grinder pump shred even my flushable wipes at 3400 RPM.
  • The automatic float switch helps in turning on the machine when I am stuck in some work. 
  • The stainless steel grinding components are strong enough to grind solid waste without deforming. 
  • The 3/4 hp motor works best for me.


  • The motor can only tolerate 221°F temperature, after which it may burn. 

Why Should You Buy It?

The above $1000 product is worth your requirements and preferences if your locality is far from sewerage. You can never find better than this because it handles solid waste much more conveniently than its competitors. 

Why Should You Don’t Buy It?

You must not buy the Zoeller M805 grinder pump because it is high priced. Secondly, the impeller must be of cast iron material for adequate corrosion resistance. 

Final Verdict

Liberty PRG101A


The only thing that brought me to the door of Liberty grinder pumps is its ability to pulverize everything coming it’s way. Among many models, I ordered a high-rated model, that is PRG101A. Upon unboxing, I found a grinder pump with an attached power cord, documentation, and installation parts. 


At initial sight, the pump looked nothing fancy but jam-packed with all the necessary equipment. What I noticed was a tough build that confirmed it was a well-operated machine to save my basement bathroom from clogging. 

I was excited to analyze the working mechanism of the machine so I installed it readily following the instructions manual. Right after plugging the pump, the motor ran, and nothing was left in the solid form. From cloth hand towels to rags, everything was chewed up without materials sticking together. 

Knowing more about the insights of the grinder pump reveal that it comes with a 10-foot-long power cord and 1 hp motor that conveniently operate impellers and transform waste up to a maximum of 42 gallons per minute to the public sewerage system. Thanks to the V-slice cutting technology which is exclusive to the Liberty PRG101A grinder pump and ensures hardcore and fast shredding. 

Liberty Pumps PRG101A ProVore PRG Series

The amazing thing about the PRG grinder pump is that its motor is oil-filled so the tension of regular maintenance and lubrication vanishes. Also, you will be surprised to hear that the pump is manufactured by combining epoxy-coated cast iron that handles tough waste products and prevents the machine from rusting. 

Logically speaking, you can get the product if you have no problem with spending a lot of cash. But not everyone can afford high-priced products and go for alternatives at less price. I have one in mind, that is Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump which is cost-effective and a residential pump just like its competitor. 

Key Specifications and Features

  • Horsepower: 1 Hp
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Switch: Automatic
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Flow Rate: 42 gallons per minute
  • Cutting Technology: V-slice 


  • You can replace a 10-foot-long power cord with a 25-foot. 
  • PRG101A can shred much feminine hygiene products while others cannot.
  • The V-slice cutter technology is mind-blowing, converting solid waste into slurry in no time. 
  • The product is worth the money, for it suits best in below-level residential areas.
  • The powerful 1 hp motor is comparatively quiet. 


  • I found the grinder pump is way more costly.
  • The grinder pump does not work well in flood situations.

Why Should You Buy It?

You must buy Liberty PRG101A for many reasons, such as

  • You can change the power cord to a longer length if necessary.
  • The grinder pump operates manually and automatically.
  • Replacing the grinder pump is easy as it comes with 2 inches discharge.
  • The grinder pump consumes saves your electricity bills by consuming 115 volts and 20 amps. 

Why Should You Don’t Buy It?

You must not buy the Liberty PRG101A grinder pumps because it is way more costly. Also, the pump is not suitable for treating waste that is connected to the septic system. 

Final Verdict

WAYNE CDU790 – 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless-Steel Sump Pump


WAYNE grinder pumps introduce many features in the market to fall in the list of best grinder pumps. I reviewed the CDU790 submersible pump to know how it can use for keeping the basement area moisture free. Upon unboxing, I got a grinder pump, electrical equipment for easy installation, spare parts, such as screws or clamps, and an information guide. 


Right after taking out the grinder pump from the box, the black-colored body reflected sturdiness from every nook and corner. In addition, the power cord and a vertical float switch gave the idea of quick accessibility. 

Since the brand itself claimed a 15-minute installation, I thought to materialize the opinion and with several steps, the placement was no more hectic but it seemed difficult. That’s why the installation time exceeded a bit. But the initial testing with a 10ft discharge lift let the situation go blurry.

Also, the motor is thermally protected and utilizes 120 volts, what bothers me is the ⅓ horsepower that sometimes proves barricade in grinding somewhat tougher waste of household, such as flushable wipes, kids wipe, or swabs. 

The primary reason for adding the WAYNE grinder pump to the list is due to the build quality that ensures lifelong work. The machine got the best of the materials against corrosion buildup, such as cast iron construction with epoxy-coated steel motor housing, and stainless steel fasteners. 

WAYNE CDU790 - 1/3 HP

No matter whether you installed the grinder pump in the basement, restaurant, or hotel, the unique top suction design reduces the chance of clogging to many folds. It means you have the advantage to enjoy tough grinder pump operation as long as you want.

Like every grinder pump, WAYNE CDU790 is not without drawbacks. It is designed for 11 inches or larger sump basins. Also, the ⅓ hp motor does not make up for the entire solid waste treatment. Overall, it covers 3 years of the warranty period for easy replacement or troubleshooting. However, if you want an alternative, you must try Superior Pump 92572 1/2 HP

Key Specifications and Features

  • Horsepower: 1/3 Hp
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Switch: integrated vertical float switch
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Flow Rate: 63 gallons per minute


  • The 1/3 hp motor hardly makes noise when running. 
  • I found the grinder pump cost-effective.
  • The power cord makes the machine run in no time after consuming the required volts.


  • The working of 1/3 hp motor could be better.

Why Should You Buy It?

You may consider it an ordinary machine with comparatively low horsepower, but WAYNE CDU790 is famous for other features, such as oil-bath upper and low bearings, quiet operation, good quality material, and optimum warranty period. It is worth the try.

Why Should You Don’t Buy It?

You must not buy the grinder pump for it does not have an adequate head height compared to the products of the same category. Also, it does not have enough reliability and demands repairing often. 

Final Verdict

Acquaer 3/4 HP Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pump


The decades-old Acquaer grinding pumps combine technology and consumers’ trust. So, I decided why not add one of the products to my list of bets grinder pumps. The pump that appeared before my eyes and was worth recommending was the ¾ hp submersible effluent pump. It came with a pump with an attached power cord, float switch, and documentation. There were also screws or clamps for a snug installation. 


The first impression of the Acquaer submersible grinder pump was satisfactory. The physical appearance did not contribute to defining how effectively the machine lift the waste. So, I took the next action of burying the cast iron tank outdoors and preparing it for testing.

Since the grinder pump works both automatically and manually, I decided to run the machine using both ways and it comes with flying colors achieving adequate working. However, for automatic operation, the water level needs to be at the correct level and make it easier for the float switch to sense it and turn on the machine. If it is below level, the self-turn-on is missed. 

Acquaer 3/4HP Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pump

Furthermore, the Acquaer grinder pump provides an oil-filled ¾ hp capacitor motor that does not bother what comes in front of it and shreds altogether leaving it to sewerage. You will be surprised to hear that it carries up to 106.6 gallons of wastewater per minute to a head height of 29 ft. Isn’t it time-saving as compared to utilizing BURCAM 400416T 3/4HP which has lesser values of head height and flow rate? 

What impressed me was the thermal overload protection that senses risky problems, such as overloading or burning causing the machine to stop working. In addition, the build quality is not subsided as the pump is constructed using heavy-duty cast iron and nylon impeller. Overall, the satisfactory product leaves no chance of increasing the energy bills because it utilizes only 11 volts and 10 amps. 

Key Specifications and Features

  • Horsepower: 3/4 Hp
  • Design: automatic/manual
  • Power Cord: 10 ft
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Maximum Head Height: 29 feet
  • Switch: piggy-back float switch
  • Weight: 34.9 pounds
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Power Source: AC
  • Flow Rate: 106.6 gallons per minute


  • Cast iron works best against protecting my grinder pump against corrosion. 
  • Operating a grinder pump with an adjustable float switch is a breeze. 
  • The grinder pump covers two years warranty for cost-free repair. 


  • The machine is delicate, for it breaks if lifted from the power cord. 
  • Low water levels do not turn on the machine, instead, prove harmful to the pump deterioration.

Why Should You Buy It? 

You must buy an Acquaer effluent pump for it is known for its multiple uses, such as septic system, basement, and low elevation installation. Also, the price is budget friendly. 

Why Should You Don’t Buy it?

Acquaer is not sustainable. It means it cannot work for longer and break down only after a few months. You must look for the best alternatives to get the most out of the grinder pump. 

Final Verdict

How Do I Choose a Grinder Pump? Things to Consider When Buying a Grinder Pump

You cannot make an effort to roam here and there about your desired machine and will find them without worrying about your bank account. The following buying guide will let you introduce a few things you must consider to know which machine you need according to living criteria, preference, or budget. 

Automatic/Manual Operation

How you want to use a grinder pump is solely your decision. Typically, grinder pumps come with two ways of operation; automatic or manual. Both ways have merits and drawbacks since the motto is to consider things for buying a pump, you must know only the positive points. 

Manual operation is important if you intend to know how much water the machine pumps, when it pumps, and for how long. Still, you must hardwire a manual pump into a control panel. 

Whereas the automatic pump uses a float switch that senses the water level up to a certain value and activates the pump. Similarly, the switch turns off the machine when the water level goes down to the preset number. But the interesting thing is that you have always the option to detach the float and use your automatic pump as a manual one. 

Maximum Flow Rate

Another thing you must consider while buying the grinder pump is the flow rate. What it is? The flow rate of the grinder pump is the amount of water that is discharged from water usage bodies per hour. But the unit is measured in gallons per minute. For a higher flow rate, you need a higher pump capacity, and vice versa. 

Head Height

You must not forget the basic purpose of the grinder pump while buying it. As you know, it is used for transferring the waste from low to high levels so you must select the pump that vertically or horizontally uplifts the water out of your house and into the local sewers.

In addition, the higher the head height of the pump, the higher the horsepower. But the flow rate is less. It means a grinder pump will handle less flow rate when there is more height to pump the water. Typically, every grinder pump model differs in head height, you can choose from the instruction manual or after getting advised from the experts.  

Construction Material

The first thing comes first, that is from which material a grinder pump is constructed. Everyone wants to have good quality material for the submersible pumps to ensure maximum protection against corrosion and usual wear and tear. 

Not only this, the underground enemies, such as acidity, dirt, grime, and heat it encounters are a separate concern to let the machine live long. So, choose vortex impellers for seamless grinding and consider cast iron body with corrosion resistance thermoplastic, and stainless steel grinding components. 

Motor Capacity

How do you decide on a grinder pump’s motor capacity to utilize power and cut every solid particle down? The answer is simple, look at the amount of waste you want to process in a single run. The higher the horsepower the greater the solid waste it process and carries to the sewerage. 

You can determine the pump’s capacity by calculating the waste generated and machine run time. Go with the flow if the wastewater operation needs to be more in amount and so does the machine must run longer for working. Remember, going higher with the horsepower will increase the money you pay to get the pump. 


Grinder pumps make a long-run deal with generated waste and last quite a long time, that is 7-8 years. So the warranty period usually starts from one to three or five years. However, if you find your pump is out of warranty, and does not react to the maintenance care, you can easily go for a replacement option. 

Grinder Pump Accessories 

Apart from grinder pump parts, there are a few essential accessories without which you cannot operate the machine. These are the float switch and control system. 

Grinder Pumps consist of numerous types of float switches that decide when to eject water according to the preset water level. As the wastewater pours down the tank to the preset value, the float switch activates and turns on the machine. 

On the other hand, the control system includes alarms and overload protection that are intelligent enough to determine when to shut off the machine in an emergency against harsh weather or break down. 


Grinder pump maintenance is another essential factor you need to know about before picking it. The aim is to let you know how to treat your machine to go a long way. 

From installment to adequate protection, the grinder pump lives long for 8-10 years, only if you put only flushable things, like human waste, garbage, cloth, or toilet paper, and refrain from putting certain non-flushable things and hazardous chemicals. In addition, keep your pump’s alarming system always in an active state so that it warns you of potential dangers. 

What is the Difference Between a Grinder Pump and a Sewage Pump?

The newcomers may not differentiate between a sewage pump and a grinder pump as both are used to pump greywater against gravity flow or distanced discharge lines. But they are different in the manner they handle the type and size of the solid waste. 

Sewage pumps handle the solid waste by pumping it to only 2 inches in diameter to the sewerage without cutting or shredding. On the other hand, grinder pumps are the extended versions of the sewage pumps and include a cutting mechanism for chopping solids into slurry coming the way to the line of collection. 

How Long Should a Grinder Pump Run?

The grinder pump running depends on the amount of wastewater the tank gathered. The working mechanism of the grinder pump explains that as soon as the water gets into the pump, the float switch swing upward, activate the switch, and turn on the machine. 

A grinder pump takes only one or two minutes approximately to pulverize solid waste present in the wastewater until the preset level drops and the machine stops working. 

Wrapping Up | Best 5 Grinder Pumps