Best Rear Tine Tiller for Garden

A best rear tine tiller is a machine utilized to till the soil. The rear tine tiller has a motor in the back of the machine, and the tines are in the back. The machine is pulled after the user, and as it is pulled, it spins the tines, which in turn till the land.

Searching for the best rear tine tiller for your needs can be daunting. With all the various brands and models available, how can you be confident you’re getting the best one for your money? In this article, we’ll glance at some of the best rear tine tillers on demand today and help you find out which one is best for you.

7 Best Rear Tine Tiller For Garden

1 Poulan Pro PPCRT17 Rear Tine Tiller

If you are looking for the best easy o use tiller, Poulan Pro PPCRT17 is an excellent option. Poulan Pro PPCRT17 has a 280cc engine with counter-rotating rear tines, making it best for breaking hard soil and preparing for planting beds.

The PPCRT17 has many suitable elements, including an auto rescue stop switch, adjustable depth control, and an ergonomic grip. Plus, it’s backed by a two-year warranty. If you’re looking for a quality tiller to help you get your gardening projects done quickly and easily, the Poulan Pro PPCRT17 is perfect.


1 One-handed operation

2 Two years warranty

3 Powerful engine


1 Tiny tires

2 CHAMPION POWER Dual Rotating Tine Tiller 

CHAMPION POWER Dual Rotating Tine Tiller has an 8-inch tilling depth and 19-inch width. This top-of-the-line tiller is created for durability and execution, with a heavy-duty gearbox and self-propelled agricultural tires that make it easy to operate. This tiller heaving dual function switch for forward to reverse tilling for the best result. It has a solid 208cc engine that works fast on the toughest soil.

It also features a convenient 19-inch dual rotating rear tine design perfect for breaking up tough soil. Suppose you’re looking for a quality tiller to manage even the most challenging gardening tasks. In that case, the CHAMPION POWER Dual Rotating Tine Tiller is a perfect choice.


1 Solid engine

2 Works fast on the most challenging soil

3 Dual function switch for forward to reverse tilling


1 Costly

3 YARDMAX Machines 208cc Rear Tine Tiller

The YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller is an excellent option if you are in the market for a quality tiller. This 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine-powered tiller can easily handle even the most difficult soils. Its double-rotating rear tines allow this tiller to quickly work through even the most tough-packed soils.

The YARDMAX is also adaptable, with its ability to rotate 360 degrees. YARDMAX allows you to easily till in both directions to cover more land quickly. And, with its adjustable depth bar, you can smoothly customize the deep of your tilling to match your needs.


1 Easily till both directions

2 Best work on tough-packed soils

3 Powerful Engine


1Pull cord rope breaks easily

4 Husqvarna CRT900L Rear-Tine Tiller Best Rear Tine Tiller

Husqvarna CRT900L Rear-Tine Tiller is the ideal tool for those who want to fast and efficiently prepare their ground for planting. With a strong 9.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, this machine can easily manage even the most challenging soils. The Husqvarna CRT900L is also equipped with several elements that make it easy to use, including oversized 11-inch tines, adjustable handles, and a transport wheel for easy moveability.

The CRT900L also features Husqvarna’s patented SmartCarb technology, which automatically accommodates the air/fuel mixture to maintain peak engine execution regardless of the conditions. This tiller also has a robust transmission system with heavy-duty gears that can handle even the most challenging soils.


1 Husqvarna CRT900L can handle even the most challenging soils

2 Large tire

3 Oversize 11-inch tines


1 Expensive

5 EARTHQUAKE Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear-Tine Tiller

A powerful engine and convenient features make the Earthquake one of the most popular rear-tine tillers on the market. The Earthquake is a rear-tine tiller designed for homeowners who want a long-lasting machine that can take different jobs in garden. With a strong engine and convenient features, this machine is ideal for anyone who desires an easy-to-use tiller that can get the job done.

One of the best features of the Earthquake is the dual-direction rear-tine design. This design allows you to till in both directions to get the job done efficiently. Airless wheels make moving this tiller around your yard easy.


1 Powerful engine

2 Dual-direction rear-tine design

3 Airless wheels

4 Durable


1 The gear selector is harder.

6 Honda FG110 9in 25cc 4-Stroke Tiller/Best mini tiller

The Honda FG110 is a mini tiller that is ideal for small gardens. This little powerhouse can manage all the difficult work for you to get your garden in shape in no time. The Honda FG110 is a 25cc 4-stroke mini tiller ideal for small gardens. This little powerhouse can handle all the challenging work for you to get your garden in shape in no time. Powered by a reliable Honda engine, the FG110 has enough strength to till through any soil with ease.

The FG110’s flexible tilling width means that you can tailor it to your specific needs, while its counterweighted design delivers added stability and comfort of use. The ergonomic handlebar position and adjustable throttle also ensure you are comfortable and in control while using the mini tiller.


1 Lightweight

2 Provides flexible tilling

3 Reasonable price

4 Best for mini garden


1 Not best for hard soil

7 LawnMaster Electric mini Tiller

If you are searching for the best way to till your garden, the law master electric tiller is the ideal tool. This lightweight tiller is easy to use and perfect for small or medium-sized gardens. This tiller has a powerful 6.5-amp motor that can manage even the toughest soil. It also has an adjustable depth power that lets you tailor the tilling depth to your needs.

Tiller is designed to be effortless to use. It has a simple one-touch starting system and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The tiller also comes with a detachable weed eater that makes it easy to clean up after use. So if you are searching for an easy way to prepare your garden for planting, the LawnMaster Corded Electric tiller is a great option.


1 Lightweight

2 Adjustable power

3 Easy to use

4 One-touch start system


1 Only works on potting soil


What is the difference between a rear-tine tiller and a front-tine tiller?

The main difference between rear-tine and front-tine tillers is the position of the tines and the direction they rotate. As the name suggests, the tines of a rear-tine tiller are located at the rear of the machine and rotate in a backward direction, while the tines of a front-tine tiller are located at the front of the machine and rotate in a forward direction. This difference in design results in rear-tine tillers having more power and stability, making them ideal for more challenging soil conditions.

What is the best way to use a rear-tine tiller?

The best way to use a rear-tine tiller depends on the soil conditions and the type of plants you want to grow. Generally, it is best to till the soil in the fall so that it can settle over the winter. When tilling in the spring, wait until the soil is dry enough to crumble when squeezed in your hand. To use the tiller, start in the corner of your garden and work your way out, tilling to the desired depth. Make several passes in different directions to ensure the soil is evenly broken up.

Can a rear-tine tiller be used on a slope?

Rear-tine tillers are designed for use on sloped or uneven terrain. However, it is essential to exercise caution when using a rear-tine tiller on a slope to prevent the machine from tipping over. It is recommended to work across the slope rather than up and down to maintain stability.

How do I maintain a rear-tine tiller?

Regular maintenance is vital to keep your rear-tine tiller in good condition. After each use, clean the machine to remove any dirt or debris. Check the tires for wear and damage and replace them if necessary. Lubricate the moving parts and store the tiller in a dry place to prevent rust. It is also essential to have your tiller serviced by a professional regularly to keep it running smoothly.